Amazing furniture made from old cars

A car is on display in a museum.

Amazing furniture made from old cars? Sounds strange? Have you ever think that old pieces of moto or cars or bus could be transformed in original furniture for your home? Well, it’s possible! Some innovative designers have created original and incredible furniture with parts or pieces of old cars. You can decorate your bedroom with an original “mercedes-bed” such this

A luxurious room with a Mercedes Benz.
mercedes bed

or you can make your living room really unique with an “old bus – fireplace”.

A truck modified with furniture and a fireplace inside.
fairplace made with an old bus

You can even offer to your guests a drink or some beers upon an awesome bar table made from an old and vintage Volkswagen.

A furniture piece that resembles a VW bus and includes stools.
bar table made with old volkswagen

A what about a table made from a part of a car or with recycled wheels?

A furniture piece with a newspaper on top.
table made with moto helmet
A pink chevrolet bar table with a glass top for sale.
table made with part of a car

Or a fridge or a sofa made from the iconic car Fiat 500? Yes, because the famous Italian Industry Fiat has launched a complete design collection which includes sofa, console table and table. Moreover, in collaboration with SMEG, leader in the production of white goods, has created a fridge completely inspired by the famous car.

A car is on display in a museum.
fridge created by Smeg and Fiat 500
A green fiat 500 sits on display in a museum.
Fiat 500 and Smeg fridge
A car seat with Italian flag upholstery.
sofa made with Fiat 500

With these original furnitures you will definitely stupefy all your friends!

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