Fifty Shadows of gray for your home

A gray and white kitchen with a table and chairs.

Many persons think that the gray is a boring color, too dark, too cold and too serious for an home. But this is not true. Gray is a neutral color and this caracteristic make it extremly useful and flexible. It seems impossile, but with some touches and different shadows of gray you can make your home unbelievably stylish, trendy and even colorful. Lets’ find out together some tips and suggestions for using and mixing this color in your home decoration.

  1. Bedrooms. For the decoration of your bedrooms you can use soft gray mixed with some touches of white or light color such as pink or ivory. This combination of soft colors can give to your bedrooms a very warm, clean and cozy aspect.
A gray bedroom with a large bed and a chandelier.
stylish classic bedroom

A gray and white bedroom with a bed and dresser.Or, if you prefer, you can paint just the wall behind the bed with a darker nuances of gray, such as fog  or silver. In this way, you will focalize the attention on a focal point

A gray and white bedroom with a bed and dresser.
wall behind the bed decorated with silver gray

2. Bathrooms:  As for bedrooms, even for the bathrooms you can use different shadows of gray. The result is extremely elegant, modern and sofisticated.

A bathroom with gray sinks and a shower.
modern bathroom colored in dark gray
A modern gray bathroom with a copper tub and sink.
stylish bathroom
A bathroom with gray walls and a bathtub.
elegant and trendy bathroom
A modern bathroom with a gray toilet and sink.
relaxing modern bathroom
A large gray bathroom with a bathtub and a sink.
unique and luxurious bathroom

3 Living rooms. The use of gray is ideal if your aim is to stupefy your guests with a warm, cozy but, at the same time , trendy and stylish livingroom . As you can see, this color color works well with all the different styles: from the modern to the classic one, from the rustic to the shabby chic .

A gray sectional sofa in a living room.
gray sofa for an elegant living room
A black and gray living room with a fireplace.
amazing gray open space
A living room with gray walls and black furniture.
total gray living room
A gray and white kitchen with a table and chairs.
modern living room
A modern office with a gray desk and a lamp.
elegant and modern room

4 Kitchens. The gray color is also very helpful for donate a trendy look to your kitchens. Try to mix differents furnitures in the gray nuances or try to play with the accessories. The final effect is very elegant and relaxing

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A gray and white kitchen with a table and chairs.
stylish kitchen

Gray looks great also in combination with black, white or strong color such as purple or red.

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