Small and Functional Bathroom Design Ideas for Cozy Homes

A modern bathroom with a bathtub and sink designed for functionality and style.

Looking for bathroom design ideas to give your small space a much-needed makeover? Are you perhaps planning to design your little heaven from scratch? Well, get ready to be wowed by some inspiring bathroom design ideas and tips. Living spaces have been getting smaller each year and it is increasingly becoming a challenge to create enough room and feel organized while still maintaining a great design.

A bathroom with a minimalist design featuring white walls and wooden floors.

The pointers we have gathered below show without doubt that you don’t have to compromise on style because you have limited bathroom space. Let the five ideas in this post guide you towards creating an absolute success out of your upcoming project.

A contemporary bathroom with a wooden vanity and mirror.

1. Whiter is larger

White often has the negative effect of making a space cold and inviting. When used in small urban bathrooms that are cozy by design, however, it can pleasantly help them to seem larger than they actually are. Make your bathroom “bigger” by whitening the tiles, door and furniture, then perhaps throw in a non-white towel, robe bath mat or pair of shower sandals for some clever contrast.

A pink rug and white sink beautifully complement the white bathroom design.

2. Shelves, not cabinets

Stuffing a lot of furniture in small bathrooms often leaves them looking squeezed. Instead of hiding your bathing gear in space-consuming drawers, why not place them on open overhead shelves? Floating shelves and storage ladders can open up new possibilities for storing towels, robs and candles fashionably while showcasing your personality, and sink skirts can hide your cleaning products while dosing your space with some flair. If shelves are not an option, go for wooden crates that can be stacked for accessible, minimalist storage.

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A wooden shelf accentuates the design of a white bathroom.

3. Corner sinks

When space is limited in the bathroom, even a pedestal sink can obstruct traffic flow. In this case, consider a corner sink across from the toilet as a more functional replacement. A sink across from the shower often creates an awkward walk-around situation.

A small bathroom with white tiled walls.

4. Shower curtains

Do you have a glass door for your shower? Does it move in and out? You can reclaim some valuable space by replacing it with a curtain that moves back and forth. Shower/tub curtains are usually at home in small spaces. Oh, and just an extra tip for you tub owners: try a curved shower rod for more elbow room and some extra style.

A bathroom with a vibrant green and elegant white shower curtain.

5. Reflections

When used accordingly, reflective surfaces can be magical tools for making tight spaces seem bigger. Visually expand your cozy vanity space with a wall tiled in mirrors, a metallic vessel sink, and other shimmering detail pieces. If your bathroom is shared, extend your dressing mirror across the wall for more practicality.

A white bathroom with mirrors and framed pictures designed for Bathroom Design.

There you have it! Five great ideas for your little bathroom to look stylish and maintain its functionality.


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