6 Warning Signs Your Driveway Needs A Renovation

A brick home with trees and a driveway in need of renovation.

Driveways can last for decades however, if it’s deteriorating, it can be a detriment to your home’s curb appeal. It’s important to maintain the value of your property by ensuring your driveway looks immaculate and attractive to anyone who sees it. These are 6 warning signs your driveway needs a renovation.

1. Visible Cracks

Cracks are a common issue for asphalt and concrete surfaces, and a clear sign that your driveway needs a renovation. Harmful substances like gas and oil penetrate a driveway surface over time and cause any cracks that have already formed to become worse. Winter conditions with freezing temperatures can also cause water and moisture that has seeped into cracks to expand. Smaller cracks can be repaired easily, however, larger ones are a more severe concern as big cracks are impossible to fully repair. Be sure to replace your driveway altogether if there are visible cracks found everywhere. It’s important to remember that while smaller cracks can be fixed, they will appear a shade darker than the surrounding area and can be a sore sight to see. Be sure to always prevent cracks from happening in the first place with the help of a solvent-based sealer made from acrylic silicone. This can help protect concrete from any cracks and damages from appearing.

2. Worn Out Appearance

Your driveway is exposed to the sun’s UV rays every day for hours at a time. This can cause your driveway surface to fade and lose colour where it has oxidised. A solid indication that you need to renovate your driveway is if it looks rugged and weathered. A concrete or asphalt sealant can help alleviate symptoms and return your driveway to its original look but if there are large cracks, it’s recommended that you go for an outright replacement.

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3. Potholes

Potholes are not only an indication that your driveway is damaged but a hazard to your vehicle that can cause significant issues. Potholes can cause plenty of stress to your vehicle’s tires and suspension, while weakening the driveway surface until it eventually crumbles and deteriorates to form large holes. Similar to cracks, small potholes can be fixed only temporarily as the ground will still expand and contract beneath the driveway. Potholes are prone to resurfacing again and again, so your driveway will ideally need to be replaced to completely get rid of them.

4. A Lack Of Resealing

Concrete driveways need to be resealed at least every two to three years to ensure they maintain their condition. This also helps prevent cracks from developing, while strengthening the perimeter of your driveway. Your driveway may have already suffered some cracks if you haven’t managed to reseal it for an extended period of time. Be sure to reseal your driveway to maintain its durability and extend its lifespan, as well as help prevent any more serious issues from arising.

5. Drainage Issues

If your driveway is draining water easily, it’s a good indication that it’s still in good condition. Water drainage issues however, can cause severe damage. A sloped or uneven driveway causing water to run down the middle or to the side can allow water and moisture to seep into the surface and weaken the bed of your road. This will form cracks and potholes that you ought to avoid and can be resolved with the installation of inlets or curbing that can direct water off of your driveway. It may be necessary however, to replace your driveway before installing inlets to fix any previous damage and to ensure it doesn’t occur again.

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6. Know When It’s Time

Your driveway will eventually over time become worn, tired and form large cracks. Through years of exposure to rainfall, sunlight and damaging chemicals, your driveway will fade and form potholes, as well as present a weathered appearance. Driveways don’t last forever and as with all good things, they must come to an end. Repairs are not worth the time and money because the problems are likely to resurface and when this happens, it’s time to upgrade your driveway from an old one into a new one that’s more resilient to both cracking and decline. Not only can you expect to save your car’s tire and suspension from unnecessary damage, but this also provides an instant boost to your property’s curb appeal.

A cracked driveway that has visible damage isn’t the most desirable look and can cause a number of problems that you want to avoid. Replacing your driveway can be an ideal solution in maintaining your home’s overall value. Be sure to take heed of these warning signs to determine whether or not your driveway is in need of a renovation.

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