8 Tips to Make Your Janitorial Service More Effective

A janitor cleaning a floor.

Cleaning may seem simple at first, but the reality is it is one of the hardest tasks out there. It is a janitor’s job to streamline this service to make it easier for everyone to get sleek and spotless results. The following are a few tips to help ensure these services are as effective as they can be.

1. Energy Management

One thing that should be recognized by janitors and those who employ their services is that energy management is a team effort. More people are starting to understand how important it is to be sustainable to help the environment, so taking positive steps towards this goal is in everyone’s best interest.

For example, those doing commercial office cleaning may want to establish an environmentally-conscious understanding between office management and the cleaning crew.

Allow them to use dot sticker indicators to help the cleaning crew know which electronics can be shut off and which need to stay on. Just ask the management team to use red dots for machines that need to stay on and green dots for tools that can be turned off.

2. Get to Sanitizing

Cleanliness is not only about making a place look spotless but also about preventing health issues. Yes, an excellent janitorial service does its best to reduce the chances of anyone getting sick or aggravating health issues.

There are a lot of things that could make people sick, and that is not good for business, such as dust, which could lead to allergies and poor air quality. Dusting is essential, but you need to go a step further to keep the office sanitized.

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It would be a good idea for businesses to place hand sanitizers throughout the office. You should also see if you can get management to agree to keep some necessary cleaning supplies to fix issues when the janitorial staff is not present. Be sure to wipe down phones, desks, keyboards, doorknobs, and other surfaces that are continuously touched by the employees in the location.

3. Patience is Key

When it comes to cleaning, it all comes down to patience. For example, a professional floor job requires that every area is not only cleaned thoroughly but also waxed. Missing one spot or not cleaning a section well will be visible when it is waxed.

Janitors need to have enough time to do their job correctly. A cleaning crew needs to speak with the company that has hired them to ensure they have enough time to do their job well. Possible outcomes could mean having the team leave the office earlier or come in a little later to make sure everything gets cleaned.

4. Using the Right Cleaner

There are a lot of surfaces in an office that are delicate. These surfaces were not made to be cleaned by harsh chemicals because they could degrade prematurely. Good cleaning crews invest in neutral cleaners with a pH of 7.

It may even be a good idea to have options like antibacterial cleaners as well as cleaners that do not have allergens in them. Having a conversation with the company that is hiring the cleaning crew may work to find out what kind of cleaning supplies are appropriate.

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Do not use chemicals to clean fridges or any other surface near food. Stick to safer cleaning supplies, such as green supplies, or use a little vinegar and baking soda.

A janitorial service worker holding a bucket of cleaning supplies.

5. Reevaluation Works

It is crucial to recognize your cleaning routines and ensure you stay open to changing them at some point. Everyone gets into a rhythm, and it makes work a lot easier, but sometimes these routines can blind a cleaning crew from a more efficient way of getting things done.

When it is possible, it may be a good idea to see what other cleaning crews are doing, paying close attention to new technologies and techniques. You want to try to adapt things that make cleaning more efficient or better whenever possible. The worst thing a cleaning business can do is become stagnant with their methods.

6. Focus on Organizing

Organizational skills are essential, and they are the kind of skills all janitorial services should try to promote. A company that learns how to be better at organizing should have less trash.

One way you can encourage this skill is by asking the company’s management team to invest in filing trays and folders. The reason you want to do this is that it reduces the chances of anyone in the company from making additional copies of documents if they are readily available.

You also want to do your best to have your client invest in other tools like cabinets or storage rooms. Finding a place for everything in an office makes it easier to keep things organized and clean.

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7. Basics Still Matter

As a cleaning crew, you want to do your best to pay attention to the details. Those details can make or break your business, so make sure you are training your team to do things like tidying up the magazines or other reading material, dust window blinds, and clean scuff marks.

Do not overlook the walls as cleaning helps maintain their look and extends their longevity. Additionally, keep in mind that you are working with water, and water could create mold, so make sure you always dry your mops. Change them when necessary, or you might end up cleaning with a smelly mop head.

When dusting, make sure your crew does this from the top down, so they do not clean the same surfaces more than once since dust falls. Also, it is a good idea to deodorize a place after cleaning if there is a smell. You can do this by leaving windows open or by merely using deodorizers, like a blend of baking soda and ground coffee left in a bowl.

8. Use a Strategy

Time is of the essence. So, it is essential that your cleaning crew cleans with purpose. Be sure to keep in mind that every business has areas of high importance.

Areas, where clients or employees spend most of the time in, are places you want to address. You do not want the employees of the company to feel like their place of work is inadequate, and you do not want the company’s clients to feel uncomfortable while they sit in the waiting room or the reception area.

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Another useful trick is to placemats strategically in the office, focusing on entrances. These mats are there to help customers and employees come into the location with less debris, dirt, or debris.

Hopefully, these points make it easier to provide the kind of cleaning experience your crew and clients expect and deserve.

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