3 Important Things to Know When Replacing Your Roof

Two men working on a shingled roof for a home improvement project.

Improvements are necessary when owning your own house. You put forth a great deal of love and effort to make it a wonderful place for your family and someplace you can call home. While there are many important details to sift through and make, one large task to take on is a dependable roof.

It is one of the first features people see when they drive past or pull up to in the driveway. Aesthetics are significant components, however safety, the right paperwork, and efficiency are also key. Leaks and broken tiles are much more than annoyances.

They can cause bigger problems in the future. To avoid such a headache, you should contact a professional such as a roofing company in Orwell, OH where as you can choose between a variety of different products that suit your home’s needs. Included in the right look for your home, there are other factors to think about. Here are three things to keep in mind to help make the process go a little smoother.

Affordable Prices

Shopping around for good prices on a quality roof is an important issue to contemplate. There are some questions you need to ask yourself about your current roof before getting started. Are you looking for just a patch job? Will you be ripping off the current one entirely or adding the new roof on top of the old one? Which roofing material is best for you?  

You need to ask about how much the company charges per roofing square or 10×10 feet (100 square feet). Prices will range depending on the location, such as the state you live in and the material used and the style of your home. If you live in the southern part of the United States, materials can be $2.50 to about $3.00 per square foot. You can be looking in the range of five to about fourteen thousand as a cost for your project. Other considerations are if you want or have a decorative roof (stiles, dormers, sloping, skylights).

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For example, a patch job is a significantly cheaper option, and as long as you do not have a lot of damage to the structure, this may be a good avenue to go. Placing an entire roof on the existing one is more expensive than a patch, but can be a good step to save money if your roof is in fair condition. Replacing the roof in its entirety would be the most expensive. However, talk to your roofer in choosing a more cost efficient material with an extended life warranty.

Warranty of Products and Contracts

Do not be afraid to ask about the warranty of not just the roofing products (nails, sheeting), but the life of the shingles you choose. Inquire if there are reimbursements for any damage or defects. There are a number of warranties that have a time frame for certain roofing materials.

Don’t forget about coverage for wind damage, which will include the miles-per-hour that the shingles can withstand. Make sure to read the fine print thoroughly in case there is a problem in the future. A contract keeps you and the company you work for protected for any liability if so going forward.

Once you are comfortable with it, sign and keep a copy of the paperwork. Proper building codes and additional paperwork should be obtained and kept close. Depending on your location, you may not need to put any permit visible for repairs, or even the replacement of your roof. Always ask in any case!

Proper Clean-Up

Cleaning up a work site may be something that is just assumed is included. However, it is always good to double check what the procedures are. The materials being used can be hazardous and may need to be disposed in a specific way. If chemicals are being used, ask if the smell is dangerous or if you need to wear any type of mask while the company is working.

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Another issue that may be overseen is that when a roof is being replaced, or even patched, the materials would have nails in them. Those nails could fall and end up all over the yard. Ask the roofing company to use their large magnets to pick up an metal pieces and the thousands of nails that could be hiding in the grass. No one wants to injure themselves on an old nail or find a few sticking out of their car tire.

A New Venture to Pay Off your New Roof

You have spent a great deal of time and money fixing or replacing the roof of your house. A great benefit of doing this will add some curb appeal and will raise the property value of your house (and help out the neighbors, too). If you find after your roof renovation you need to bring in some extra income, you can always take on a renter to help ease some of the financial burden.

You can get a tenant screening report free if you decide to become a landlord and move into smaller property to rent out your old home. Making sure you have all the necessary tools to start this new chapter in your life doesn’t have to be daunting. It can be an adventure to watch all your hard work turn into a new home for a family to make memories in. By choosing to be a landlord, you can pay off the roof you added in in no time.

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