Modern Technology Solutions for Period Properties

A black and white period property.

For many buyers, period properties are filled with appealing charm and character, and can make wonderful homes. However, they are not without their problems.

One area in particular where owners struggle is implementing smart home technology, as installing can pose two big issues: first, the home may require electrical upgrades and second, it needs to be sympathetic and fit in with the age of the property.

From voice-controlled home assistants to energy metres, smart homes are becoming more common. So, if you have decided it is time to install tech, here are the solutions that could be convenient in a period property.

Electric Windows and Blinds

A person using modern technology to control a window.

Many period homes usually have large, heavy windows as well as high ceilings, both of which can make opening and closing windows and blinds difficult. However, tech can provide a solution. For example, electric window openers or blinds can make light work of this, while still blending in with a character-filled interior.

Sensors for Windows

While modern homes typically have strong glazed windows designed for warmth and security, older properties are often fitted with traditional sash windows. This may leave you concerned about the safety of your home. Fortunately, tech can assist, with sensors that can be installed along windows and send an alert to your phone when opened.

Video Doorbells for Your Smartphone

A video doorbell incorporating modern technology for houses.
Ring Video Doorbell Pro

If your period home is set over multiple floors, or if each room has big, heavy old-fashioned doors, you may not always be able to hear the doorbell when it rings. This is where a smart intercom or doorbell can help. This includes portable options that can be carried from room to room, as well as systems that work with an app on your smartphone.

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Heating and Lighting

These are two areas where smart home tech can make a real difference. For example, many older properties are large, with high ceilings and lack insulation. As such, being able to control heating via your smartphone could prevent you walking into a cold house.

Similarly, smartphone-controlled lighting allows you to turn on the lights if you are going to be late home from work, giving the appearance that someone is in. While motion sensor lighting means you do not have to fumble, looking for your keys in the dark.

Smart Front Door Locks

If your home has grade-listed status, you may be limited as to what you can do with your front door. While replacing with a modern UPVC alternative may be out of the question, you could install a smart lock. Depending on the type you select, these can open doors with finger prints or smartphone app, the latter of which allows you to add virtual guest keys and monitor access.

There are many modern technology solutions that can be utilised in period property, for warm and convenience as well as safety and security. So, consider these smart home ideas when modernising.

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