X-Sense XS01-WR: Best Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarm

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We all know how drastic a fire breakout can be if we cannot take the necessary steps to avoid the consequences. It can be the reason for massive property loss or even life-threatening havoc! But a simple smoke alarm can be your life and property savior, informing you of any imminent fire break out. Though a common practice in big industries and business infrastructures, smoke alarms are frequently being adopted in houses as a precautionary measure of detecting smoke and avoiding a fire hazard.


When it comes to the point of selecting a quality product to keep your house/company and beloved ones safe, there is no better option than X-sense X10-WR wireless interconnected smoke alarm. It is smart, responsive, and detects smoke to inform you of any potential fire hazard within no time!

Why is X-sense XS-10WR the Best interconnected Smoke Alarm?

Built with the best technology, X-sense XS-10 WR is the name of ultimate reliability and utter protection to your home and belongings while considering a smoke alarm. Let’s get in-depth about some of its excellent features that help this product stand out among others.

X-sense XS-10WR is a Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Working based on light sensors, photoelectric smoke detectors are more responsive and serve better than ionization alarms. X-sense XS-10WR is built with adopting the latest photoelectric technology, meaning it can detect fumes and alert you of any fire accident fast and accurately, reducing the chances of false alerts!

Longer Lifespan to Serve Longer!

X-sense XS-10WR comes with an operating lifespan of 10-years, meaning it will keep your home safe and secure for longer.

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The longer the battery lasts, the more efficient and reliable the alarm is. X-sense XS-10WR features an eco-friendly, removable Lithium battery of 3V running for 5-years. Its self-check feature notifies you when the battery is low. Thus you can replace the battery and keep the service uninterrupted.  

Premium Protection through Interconnection

Sometimes a central smoke detector cannot ensure proper protection to the entire house. Again, imagine if there is a potential fire breakout in the basement, unfortunately, how can the house dwellers get notified immediately using a single alarm! What can be more reliable and satisfactory than getting alerted in every corner of the house upon the detection of smoke through an interconnected networking system?

X-sense XS-10WR comes with the facility of interconnecting up to 24 wireless alarms that can notify you of imminent danger at the same time with an alarm loudness above 85dB. Once one device gets activated, others will automatically start alarming. Thus you can stay protected, ensuring the ultimate safety of the entire home.

Wireless Interconnection ensures Reliable Service

X-sense XS-10WR is a battery-operated system that utilizes the built-in Radio Frequency (RF) module for interconnecting the detectors. Besides the wire-free feature, utilizing the responsive RF technology for both receiving and transmitting signals ensures additional safety by offering you more time to escape an accident.

It is wire-free and requires no electric connection, meaning you are getting notified all day long, even if there is any unwanted power issue!

Easy Installation

You don’t need to master at installing electric equipment or call an electrician while setting up this super-reliable smoke alarm! It is easy-to-install, and all you need are the anchor plugs, screws, and mounting brackets that are included with the device! So you can set up the devices within a blink of an eye!

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Make sure you install the devices carefully at the right places and at the right height so that you don’t get false alarms.

Compact Design

Are you thinking of getting a smoke detector yet don’t want to hamper the ambiance of the house? Don’t worry, as X-sense XS-10WR can be your ultimate choice. It is sleek, compact, and comes with a small form-factor. Thus it doesn’t hamper the beauty of the house and effortlessly fits with any decor.

It comes in white and operates best in the temperature ranging between 40-100F with the transmission range over 250 meters.

One of the surpassing qualities of this low-budget yet premium detector is its insect-free and dustproof design that lets it serve for a long and stand out among the pack!

Silence Function

The speaker of this detector is louder enough and continues alerting for nine minutes if any dangerous smoke builds up in any hook of the house. Though there is no option to control the volume, you can press the silence button and stop the alert if it gets triggered due to any non-emergency reason, like kitchen fumes.

Easy to Find the Source Alarm

X-sense XS-10WR is more effective when you use them in an interconnected system and comes with the facility to find the source of the alert easily. If pressing the silence/test button of a device silences all the detectors of the network, the pressed one is the source device. If one device still keeps giving alarm, that is the originating one.

X-sense is TUV and CE Certified

Are you still concerned about the safety measures provided by X-sense XS-10WR? It goes through rigorous testing sessions and security checks before it reaches your hand. You can also test all the devices of the network utilizing the LED flashing technology. Moreover, X-sense is TUV and CE certified, which means you can rely on it without a second thought for getting alerted and avoiding a minimum loss to your life and property.

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X-sense XS-10WR is a budget-friendly and premium-quality smoke detector promising to notify you of an emergency that can lead to a fire break out.

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