How to Future Proof Your Home Heating System

A diagram depicting future-proofing a home heating system.

The home heating system is incredibly important for keeping the home warm and comfortable, especially during the winter months and there have been many fantastic developments made in recent times that can help a homeowner to keep the home warm and efficient. Read on to find out more.

Key Developments

Central heating has been one of the smartest advances of domesticated technology, but there is always room for improvement and in recent times there have been a few ways in which this has happened. With more and more initiatives focused on lowering carbon emissions, new tech such as ground source heat pumps, solar paneling and biomass boilers are going to become more common in home construction. As you might expect, technology has played a key role in this with smart thermostats being another a good recent example.

Smart Thermostats

This allows you to control your thermostat from your smartphone, meaning that you can have complete control over your central heating no matter where you are. Instead of having the heating on when no one is home, you could turn the heating on half an hour before you arrive which will help to keep the home warm while ensuring that you are being efficient.


Insulation is another smart way to future proof your heating system and keep your energy bills down. Homeowners can save a huge amount with loft insulation while you can also use solid or cavity wall insulation along with under-floor insulation to keep the entire house warm and to keep the cold out.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is another brilliant way to retain heat in the home while keeping the cold air out (along with blocking out noise outside). Double glazing has improved over the years and you can even have triple glazing installed for much greater protection against the cold (this can also make the home more secure too).

Energy Efficient Boiler

Obviously, the boiler plays a crucial role in keeping the home warm but the technology has improved drastically over the years. You can now get energy-efficient boilers which will help to keep the home warm but reduce your environmental impact as well as your heating bills. You will also want to arrange boiler cover through specialists like Warrantywise, which will ensure that you get the boiler serviced annually to ensure that it is running as efficiently as possible at all times.

Green Homes Grant

These are a few of the best ways that you can future proof your home’s heating system and be more eco-friendly. In many cases, you could actually do this with financial support from the Government thanks to the recent Green Homes Grant which sees homeowners given up to £5,000 to make green improvements to their home which could include the above options.

Every homeowner needs to think about their heating system and finds ways to be more efficient so that they can reduce their impact and lower their energy bills and technological developments have meant that there are many ways to now do this.

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