Artigo Rubber Flooring for Schools

A brightly colored hallway in a hospital featuring Artigo Rubber Flooring.
Being a place to learn and nurture the cognitive skills, it’s paramount for schools to have a design that is inviting and inspiring. That’s where the use of Artigo rubber flooring comes in.

In the modern world, having an experience rather than learning about it is being more and more emphasized. Therefore, having just a nice looking building for a school isn’t enough anymore. Instead, every element of it needs to be carefully thought about in order to create an atmosphere for a comprehensive learning experience. Of course, it needs to be comfortable and easy to navigate, but it also has to ignite curiosity and inspire pupils to dream some impossible dreams.

So, in this holistic approach to learning, everything from reducing the sound of treading to creating an inviting, vibrant atmosphere is important. A focus on eliminating boredom and stress of attending long classes is also something to think about. As a result, architects are now looking for different ways and materials when it comes to designing a school. Many manufacturers are also offering a host of different materials such as, for example, Artigo rubber flooring for schools, playrooms and kindergartens.

Let’s take a look at the advantage of using such materials in schools and other educational institutes.

A brightly colored hallway with a wooden door.

Reducing Noise and Enhancing Safety

Unlike the hard materials like woods and ceramics, rubber offers a comfortable surface to walk on while also reducing the noise due to treading. It is especially beneficial for corridors and common areas, as they are often crowded and full of movements. They are also way less slippery, ensuring enhanced and safe for the exuberant pupils. Being sensitive to pressure, they are less stressful to walk on.

Creating an Innovative Atmosphere

Artigo rubber flooring helps to maintain a healthy level of air quality in the interior facilitating enhanced cognitive functions. They are also great to create an inviting atmosphere, thanks to its availability in numerous colors, shapes, and sizes. Based on the different needs of different classrooms, you can give them a completely unique makeover by choosing from a wide range of colors available including the ones that recreate the look of other materials. You can also mix and match different colors to create a playful, unique composition. With the help of innovative teaching techniques, you can also use the flooring materials to teach your pupils about the importance of design thinking.

A children's room with colorful walls and Artigo Rubber Flooring for Schools.

Hygienic and Easy to Maintain

Schools – especially in the elementary level and kindergartens need to provide the highest level of hygiene in order to keep the pupils healthy and clean. As a result, the effortless cleaning solution provided by Artigo rubber flooring is a big advantage for a communal space like educational facilities. Made using resistant materials, these innovative flooring materials can be easily cleaned by using any normal cleaning tools. Highly durable, they also look anew even after heavy usage for years.

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