Five Hot Flooring Trends To Elevate Your Home Design

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Flooring elevates your home design. There are five hot flooring trends to consider. These trends add pizzazz and style to your space.

Of course, flooring is an integral part of design. Literally, they ground your room. Flooring is important.  Obviously, you want a durable flooring.  However, you will want beautiful floors to accent your space.  I’m here to show you how to get both!

Think about the room you’re designing.  Certainly, you will select floors that will complement your design plan.  Also, consider the durability.  Of course, if you are planning a kitchen you will need a very durable floor.  On the other hand, you probably stand up in the kitchen for long periods of time.  Therefore, you will select a material that is durable yet comfortable to stand on.


Bamboo flooring remains popular. It is beautiful and inexpensive. In addition, it’s from an abundant and renewable source. Bamboo grows rampant in southeast Asia.  In fact, it’s downright invasive!

Gone are the days of one note blonde bamboo.  Bamboo now comes in darker colors. Indeed, it ranges from blonde to deep, rich dark tones.

A living room with hardwood flooring.
Spice Tone bamboo kitchen floors (
A dining room with hardwood flooring.
Dark Bamboo kitchen floors (


Large format tile entered the design world with a fury this year!  Indeed, you now see them everywhere!  These vary from their smaller counterparts.  Manufacturers create these ties from the same materials as traditional tiles.  However, they scale these to a larger size. In fact, the most common size is 21″x21″.

Large format tiles make your room appear larger.  Additionally, these floors are very durable and easy to care for.

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A large lobby with stunning flooring.
Tan large format tiles in a living room. (
A room with a marble flooring.
Black & white large format tile – eyecatching and durable (


Concrete floors gained popularity from industrial influences. As homeowners purchased old industrial spaces they faced a dilemma. They wanted to convert from industrial to a charming home. However, flooring represented a huge cost.  Therefore, these savvy owners kept the existing floor.

Skilled contractors polish these floors and seal them. As a result, old concrete is shiny and trendy.

A modern kitchen with a large island and [flooring].
Gray concrete floors make a statement. (
A modern living room with flooring made of concrete.
Cream concrete floors are durable. (


Next, we learn about herringbone floors. This is a hot installation trend. Also, you may hear this called chevron. Designers create this pattern using multiple materials. These materials include wood, bamboo, tile, laminates, and vinyl. Of course, this floor is as durable as the chosen material.

Obviously, this pattern presents a more complex installation. Hire an experienced contractor.

A living room with wooden flooring.
Herringbone floor in a living room (
A hallway with a herringbone tile flooring.
Gray herringbone floor (


Finally, we are at our last trend. You may be surprised to see vinyl on this list. However, vinyl remains popular. Vinyl remains popular for two reasons: selection and cost.

Indeed, luxury vinyls add beauty. Also, they offer great selection. Some look like natural wood. In fact, manufacturers make individual planks. And some look like ceramic tile. Manufacturers make these in a variety of tile sizes.

Of course, homeowners want to save money. Vinyl floors offer savings. Indeed, vinyl can save 50% over other materials. In fact, this makes vinyl very affordable.

A dining room with wooden flooring.
Luxury vinyl floor in a dining room. (
A hardwood flooring entryway with a staircase.
Vinyl flooring in a foyer (

Floor selection is better than ever! Choose a floor that suits your home. And consider your lifestyle.  Indeed, only you can choose the best floor for your family.

However, there are so many options today. You have limitless choices.

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In conclusion, floor selection should be fun. So get out there and get in on these hot new flooring trends!

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