Decorating with Plates for Creative Wall Displays

A wall adorned with plates for decorative purposes.

Your china cabinet is probably the last place you would look to find wall hangings.  Not so fast.  Plates are a great way to add color and interest to your walls.  Display them on wood plate racks, metal plate hangers or simply hang them on the wall in interesting patterns.  Decorating with plates gives you many options for creative wall displays.

A dining room decorated with plates.
A fluid display of plates (livingbetter50)
A wooden shelf adorned with decorative plates.
An upcycled pallet makes a rustic plate rack (blog.builddirect)
Plates on a wall for decorating.
Plate racks can be used alone or as the center of a plate display (Pinterest)
A room decorated with numerous plates on the wall.
An all-over plate display (cromalens via Pinterest)

When choosing plates for display, you can set a theme based on pattern, color or type of plate.  Display a group of similar dishes in varying sizes or plates in the same color family.  You may have collections of plates that would look great as a grouping on the wall.

A dresser decorated with a wall of blue and white fish plates.
Whimsical fish plates make a creative wall display (displaydays)
Decorating with plates featuring faces.
A collection of plates as a unique wall display (seaseight.blogspot)
Decorating with plates.
A collection of plates in varying designs makes an impact (Pinterest)

If you have a collection of broken or mismatched dishes, use them to decorate an outdoor area.  Display them on a fence or deck railing.  Hang them on the side of the house by the patio or on the garden shed.

A wall is adorned with plates and flowers.
Plates decorate an outdoor space (patchworkharmony.blogspot)
A garden wall adorned with decorative plates.
Colorful display of plates outdoors (
A fence decorated with hanging plates.
Plates decorate a garden fence (gardenworldimages)

To come up with a design, lay the plates on the floor and experiment with different arrangements.  Then you can place them on the wall accordingly.  Use paper to cut outlines of the various plates and tape them to the wall to see how the arrangement will look.

A mirror with a pair of scissors, perfect for decorating.
Trace objects onto paper for wall layout (decoratorsnotebook.wordpress)
A group of brown paper bags decorated with plates laid out on a wooden floor.
Paper shapes for wall display layout (decoratorsnotebook.wordpress)

An asymmetrical arrangement is an interesting way to work a plate display around furniture, such as a console table in the hallway.  Contour an arrangement of plates around a headboard or a curved cabinet for a pleasing display.

A hallway decorated with plates on the wall.
An asymmetrical plate display works well in this foyer space (thakatswspiti.blogspot)
A plate-decorated headboard for bed.
A plate display extends the headboard (nottinghillinteriors)

Spread a grouping across the wall over a sofa or fireplace.  Extend plates up the wall above a mantel on which plates are displayed.  Embellish plates with vintage photographs, ribbon and other mementoes for classically charming style.

Design Inspiration from Scandinavian Style Homes
A living room decorated with plates on the wall.
A pretty plate display above the sofa (domesticfashionista)
A mantle decorated with plates.
Plates embellished with mementoes add charming detail over the fireplace (lolalina)

Display plates with artwork and other wall hangings and even layer plates on top of one another for interest and dimension.  Cluster plates closely together on the wall, overlapping edges, for added interest.  Hang plates within empty picture frames.

A dining room with a white table decorated with plates.
Framed plates make for a unique wall display (Pinterest)
A decorative wall display featuring plates.
Creative display of plates (ilovethatjunk)
Decorating a dining room wall with plates.
Green plates work well with artwork in this dining room (decor4all)
A dining room with yellow walls and black chairs decorated with plates.
A tight cluster of plates adds impact to this breakfast nook (Pinerest)

Decorating with plates has many possibilities.  Open up your china cabinet or search those back shelves of the kitchen cabinets for inspiration.  Stop saving the good china for a rainy day.  Take it out for display and enjoy it every day.


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