7 Stunning Interior Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

A living room adorned with plants.

The world of interior design changes so fast. If you’re currently in the process of designing your home or doing a quick refresh, you’ll want to be updated on the biggest interior design trends. From a stronger focus on eco-friendly materials to a lean toward curves and waves over linear décors, here are the top interior design trends to watch out for in 2023: 

1. Green Materials

Here’s a hint: it’s not the color of your home décor and furnishings. This design trend pertains to the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials for your interiors. 

From organic food to electric cars, people have become more concerned about their environmental impact. In terms of interior design, people are now turning away from fast furniture and choosing used and vintage pieces. 

In addition to vintage materials, a growing number of people are incorporating natural materials. From wooden tables or simply adding more greeneries inside, 2023 will be a year of sustainable and mindful home decoration. 

2. Cork Flooring

In terms of flooring, cork is making a comeback and is better than ever. Thanks to its eco-friendliness, on top of the ease of sourcing it sustainably, cork flooring is one of the key flooring trends for this year and the next. 

A kitchen with alternative hard wood floors and a bar area.
Cork flooring is offered in many colors and can me mixed to create wonderful designs like this picture. http://nbaarchitects.com/cork-flooring-for-kitchens/cork-flooring-for-kitchens-184/

Aside from its eco-credentials, cork comes with numerous benefits. It has natural thermal properties, meaning it is suitable for heat insulation and is considered a cheaper alternative to underfloor heating. With better heating insulation, you also enjoy less energy usage and utility bills. 

That said, if you’re thinking of replacing your flooring, you’ll need proper planning. Read this for more information about flooring installation or replacement planning.

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3. Open Floor Plans

Numerous designers have declared that open floor plans are over. And yet, this trend continues to grow and seems to not go away any time soon. After all, open spaces allow you to enjoy life together and create the illusion of a bigger interior. While modern home/work living demands privacy, no one really wants to be isolated in a room all day long. 

Plus, even if you opt for an open floor plan for your new home, there are easy ways to create privacy—from installing sliding doors or using flexible barriers such as plants. 

4. Neutrals

In recent years, neutral schemes have had a strong presence. Like open floor plans, experts often say that neutrals are going away, and yet they only come back stronger. And it’s easy to understand why. Neutral hues can be incorporated into most interior designs, whether they’re traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between. 

In 2023, different neutral shades are anticipated to come out. You can expect colors you don’t normally consider neutral. For instance, tones of desert sand, desaturated greens, and blues, or sun-washed terra cotta are predicted to be all over homes. These spicier neutrals will dominate living spaces, making them easy on the eyes yet with more colors. 

5. Dark Academia

While the all-white look was a favorite for a long time, more people are now gravitating toward the aesthetic of dark academia schemes. 

A modern living room with a black wall and two grey chairs showcases stunning interior design trends for 2023.

Dark academia refers to a style that’s meant to be atmospheric and moody. It emphasizes an old fashion look with dark schemes that create an air of mystery in a room. A warm, dark studious place evokes deep calm and peace and can be incorporated into different styles from traditional to modern spaces. 

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6. Thrifted Décor

In line with choosing sustainable materials, thrifting for interior décor is expected to become a huge trend in 2023. With people facing tighter budgets, interest in thrifted interior décor is booming. You can enjoy the hunt and visit thrift stores to find unusual items that can add a little flair and spark to your home. 

Thrifting allows you to put your own mark on your home décor without breaking the bank. It also provides better flexibility and enhances creativity since you can change and combine unique materials together. 

7. Curves

Straight lines have been dominating for quite some time now, but in 2023, modernist curves will take the spotlight. From rounded furniture to curved wall arches, curves and some waves add a playful element to minimal design so that it stands out but in the right way. 

With arched doorways, sweeping curves, and recessed shelves, it’s possible to create a style that adds dimension and interesting shapes to your home. Opting for wavy stripes wallpapers can bring softness, height, and fluidity to space while providing a more contemporary look than traditional stripes. 


In terms of home décor, it’s important to be ahead of the curve. You wouldn’t want your home to look outdated and boring. Whether you’re building your home or doing some renovations, take inspiration from the above trends to make your space look on-trend and modern. While you may be tempted to try it all, it’s best to stick with what fits your personality and budget.

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