Adding a Curb Appeal to Make Your Property More Attractive for Buyers

A field of red poppies with the sun shining on them, adding a curb.

We’ve all heard the saying that you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover. When selling a land property, though, adding a curb appeal can significantly impact how many potential buyers you attract. If people love the look of the vacant land property, it’ll be easier for them to envision what they could do with it and therefore feel more open and enthusiastic about it.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five creative options for creating curb appeal to help you attract as many potential buyers as possible and sell your raw land at a fair price.

Clean Your Hardscape Areas 

Experienced land buyers will first take notice of your pathways, driveway, patio, and any other hardscape areas of your property landscape as soon as they arrive. Therefore, one of the easiest and most efficient ways to build curb appeal is to clean these places. Sometimes, it takes only a good pressure washing of the hardscape surfaces to make the property appear more brand-new and welcoming.

Plant Some Flowers 

Planting colorful flowers or hanging plants is an easy and affordable way to add vibrancy to the property. Fresh flowers will also give a more welcoming appeal to the property. To ensure a steady supply of flowering plants from early spring to late summer and fall, plant various annual flowers, perennials, flowering trees, and shrubs.  

Add Exterior Lighting 

If you want to welcome potential land buyers to see your property after dark, adding exterior lighting is a great way to enhance curb appeal. When purchasing outdoor lighting, it’s essential to consider both the style of the light fixtures and the quality of the lighting they produce. But with a bit of research, you may find outdoor lighting accessories that will significantly improve the property’s look after sundown.

Mow the Grass

Having your grass cut and maintained is a cheap and easy way to ensure that your property looks its best during the showing season. For best results, you should apply some lawn starters a few weeks before you list your property for sale and then cut, trim, and edge the lines just before taking promotional photos of your property. You might even want to offer to help your neighbors improve their curb appeal, given that it will likely have an impact on your property’s worth.

Make time for regular upkeep as well. If the lawn looks maintained, the property will look well-kept and, in the eyes of qualified land buyers, more valuable. Remember to remove unwanted weeds from your property before they establish strong roots and spread to other areas.

Fix Broken Fences

Even if making fence improvements seems to be a small change, the effects can be enormous and noticeable immediately. The property’s overall look will be more modern and comprehensive, which might help you stand out from nearby lots. Clean, fix and paint old iron gates and railings. 

If you have a wooden fence, make sure it isn’t decaying, paint it as necessary, and change any broken hinges. If the fence is old and worn out, choose a replacement you can install yourself. A fence helps to define the property’s boundary, protects the landscaping, enhances the yard’s curb appeal, and deters trespassers. Regardless of the type of fencing you choose, be sure you’ll be able to keep it in good condition.  

Add a Water Feature

A fountain or a tiny cascade waterfall can turn a low, soggy area into a landscaping focal point. In addition to creating relaxing sounds and adding to the view, a water feature draws birds and other wildlife to the property. It will also improve the property’s curb appeal and contribute significantly to its worth. Moreover, adding a water feature might even be helpful if your property has drainage problems.  

A rose garden with benches, a fountain, and adding a curb.

Final Thoughts

Improved curb appeal will help you sell your property quickly and for top dollar as it makes a property appear well-kept and attractive. What improvement you’ll make will mostly depend on your personal preferences because each land for sale is unique and needs a different solution. But we hope our extensive list has provided guidance on increasing curb appeal with landscaping to make the most of your piece of land.

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