5 Easy Ways To Add Curb Appeal To Your Home This Spring

A house with two porches and great curb appeal.

Add curb appeal to your home this spring. Get inspired by these 5 easy ways to increase your home’s beauty. Curb appeal is very important. Indeed, it’s the first impression of your home. As a matter of fact, most visitors will judge your home before they ever step foot inside.

Take a look at our before and after photos. Certainly, you’ll agree that these improvements make a huge difference.

First, remove or prune overgrown plants and trees. They make your home look unkempt. In fact, people often assume that if the outside of the home is shabby, the inside will also be shabby. Fortunately, you have a quick and inexpensive project on your hands.

Two pictures showcasing the curb appeal of a garden.
Beautify your home when you remove overgrown plants.
Two staged pictures of a house before and after landscaping.
Add curb appeal by removing overgrown plants.

In addition, you can quickly beautify your home by adding green plantings. Choose low-maintenance plants for ease of care. With a small investment of money, and a few hours of time, you can make a marked improvement.

Before and after pictures of landscaping to stage your home.
Indeed, greenery and mulch spruce this home up!
California landscape design showcasing before and after transformations enhancing curb appeal.
Also, select hardy plants for your upgrades.

Next, take an honest look at your front door. This is the place where you greet and welcome your guests. A fresh coat of paint is far more inviting than peeled or faded paint.

Before and after pictures showcasing the enhanced curb appeal of a front door.
A red door welcomes guests with elegance.
A black and yellow door with a number painted on it, enhancing curb appeal.
Conversely, a yellow door pops with fun!

If your home lacks shutters, consider investing in them. Immediately! This money is well spent. This is because shutters give a polished, finished look. This is a detail that adds curb appeal in spades.

Before and after pictures of a brick house with a red door, showcasing its improved curb appeal.
Indeed, shutters add visual interest.

Finally, amp up the curb appeal by adding a front porch. If you don’t have a porch this is important. Also, it’s an amenity that is desirable. It’s a beautiful space where you can entertain friends or visit with neighbors.

Before and after renovation pictures of a house showing enhanced curb appeal.
A front porch adds charm.
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