Restoring a Church Into a Family Home


Gaining inspiration from the ones that have gone before them, more people are investing their cash into rundown churches and transforming them into unique and inspiring spaces.

Creative architectural twists can bring neglected buildings up to date (

Looking from the outside, you can keep the existing interior to pay homage the church that it once was, or you can make your own changes to the architecture, putting a quirky and personal twist onto the exterior of your home.

Stained glass windows are superb for bringing colour and a story to your home (

Often neglected and unsafe in some parts, old churches will probably need some TLC before you can move in. Even if you want to keep the main features as striking pieces of your own home, smoother walls and great layouts can help you to make the most of them.

Use the church’s main features as inspiration for your home’s layout (

Traditional churches were built with one main room, and just a few side rooms for administration and privacy. This makes a church conversion perfect for modern and open plan living spaces.

Rebuilding parts of the building will give your home longevity (

If you prefer a really contemporary home style, you can treat the church’s architecture like a shell and take the former fixtures as inspiration for sleeker design and more modern materials.

Modern lighting and layouts can create an air of luxury (

Most churches will provide more than enough space for living, especially for smaller families. Consider how your lighting and clever layouts can help to make your church renovation feel full and complete.

Designer Focus: Megan Winters
Use vast empty spaces to your advantage (

The size and open space in churches make these home perfect for entertaining large groups, and create the perfect dramatic and stylish backdrop for one-of-a-kind dinner parties.

Original church windows are breathtaking and awe-inspiring (

Stay true to the church’s original design by sticking to the original flooring and structural features. Treat the wood correctly and strip back your décor to let your unique home speak for itself.


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