Five Front Door Decor Ideas You Should Consider in 2020

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Your front door is the first point of contact with your home. Instead of just being a barrier, protecting you from intruders, you can give it a touch of personality. Make it part of your exterior décor. This year ditch that wreath you’ve hanged on it for years and get creative with these front door decor ideas.

Flowers décor

Flowers have sentimental value. The thought of placing a bouquet on your door speaks volume to your guests. Twist the traditional practice of using a bucket to using a watering can, rain boots or umbrella. Put your flowers in either of these materials, secure beautifully with a ribbon and hang it on your door.

Chalkboard sign Decor

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A chalkboard sign on your front door is a perfect way to communicate your thoughts to your guests. Using chalkboard paint you can write a welcome note, a warming quote or a joke to lighten up the mood of your guests. This is one of the most interesting door decor ideas, isn’t it?

Letter Monogram Décor

How about paying homage to your family name? Letter monogram will give you the opportunity to pay respect to your family in the most creative way and at the same time make your door stand out.

Step up the decoration by painting the letters in colours that appeal to you or creatively covering them with buttons, shells, seagrass or fabric.

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The Empty Frame Décor

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Decorating an empty picture frame and placing it on your door may be just what you need for your door’s facelift. It is one of the simple and affordable door décor ideas that won’t take much of your time. You can integrate different arts within the frame to give it a customized look.

Light it up-Easy Door Decor Ideas

door decor ideas

Lighting is perfect for security but for the purpose of decorating your front door, consider lighting the walkway to your entrance with candles or lantern lamp. A little flower decoration around the lights gives your front door area a warm ambience.


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