Understanding What We Know About Sulfur Water Filters

A close up image of water splashing on rocks in nature.

It is sad how we can take Mother Nature’s gift, of clear and beautiful liquid, for granted. There is nothing as breath-taking as a mass of water flowing over a cliff into a cloud of mist and rolling bubbles, the roaring sound like a song being played by the elements in perfect harmony.

If you’ve ever seen a waterfall in person or up close you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t, add it to your bucket list this minute and make it happen.

Life is short, these beauties and wonders need to be seen and appreciated, especially before man makes a plan to get some building regulation overturned and that waterfall is cut off and dried up. Boo.

Just a walk in nature with a stream alongside can clear your mind, put your body into a relaxed state and seemingly take life’s pressures away, if even for just a moment. It may be hot, and you’re feeling fatigued and thirsty, but before you dive straight into that stream you need to check its safety. Not sure what I mean, we’ll discuss this later in the article.

5 Signs to look for to tell if the water in your home is safe?

Some are more obvious than others when it comes to checking if all is ok for your family to be able to drink from the taps in the house, the minute you see any change look further into immediately. Your family’s health and well-being are at stake, and the last thing we want is to see our little ones feeling unwell from a simple sip of water.

  • Murky or Cloudiness. This is a quick indication and one that can be noted by any family member and should be mentioned at the first sign. Water should be clear, odorless and with no peculiar taste.
  • Color. Any color other than clear and transparent, especially if it is brown or yellow should by no means be drunk, it indicates a high level of chromium-6 which has been known to cause cancer.
  • Copper. Elevated levels caused by damaged and worn out pipes, or corrosion, will run with a blue or green tint. While not essentially harmful to an extreme extent, it can have detrimental long-term effects.
  • Smell. Chemicals are added to water systems to kill bacteria and germs from reproducing, be sure there isn’t a bleach or chlorine smell when opening the tap.
  • Eggs. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of having this happen to someone I knew while I was visiting, the water as it ran smelled like scrambled eggs that had gone off, it was horrible. At the time we had no idea what was going on, but now after having had it treated we are more aware. The sulfide levels were too high from the underground borehole where she got her water from, and not being filtered it came through with a vengeance.
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So, to make sure you are not found in this predicament, install a water filter system in your home, take care of your family’s health and don’t wait till it’s too late. Not sure where to begin, then check out the AquaOx sulfur water filter products for top systems from a reputable company, and one that has rave reviews from satisfied customers.

Water splashing

Benefits of having a water filter system in place

Well, first and foremost and the main objective to have the installation, to begin with, is to have clean, fresh and clear water readily available and on hand. We don’t want to have to boil water to purify it, then wait for it to cool before we are sure it is safe to drink.

Skin conditions, if you have any, won’t suffer any harmful consequences. With no chemicals causing rash or skin irritations, you can shower in the safety of knowing you won’t break out in hives by the next morning. Especially critical if you have children in the home who are sensitive to toxins or non-organic additives.

Then, and for me this is a big factor, not having to continuously buy bottled water you are certainly doing your part for the environment, keeping your footprint clean as they say.

Because let’s be honest, although as much as we would like to, we don’t recycle as much as we should. For more ways to do your part, check out this link for options and ideas on recycling and how to start implementing them into your everyday lives and routines.

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Another advantage of filtering is that the water is now cleaner and purer, thus causing significantly less eroding of pipes and chemicals eating away at the pipework, and in return reducing your maintenance costs. This is always a winner not having to open your wallet to pay repairmen every other month.

Lastly, and not least important, you won’t have to use 3 pumps of liquid soap to get your hands clean from slimy water. Less product use will also save shopping trips to keep topping up hand sanitizers or bars of soap. The benefits are many more, so be sure to do your homework when having your system put in place.

Safer water is not a life necessity we need to over-look if it can be prevented from becoming contaminated in any way these are steps we need to make sure we take. Drink and use clean water and live life to the fullest.

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