Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Home

A living room with hardwood floors.

Let’s be real – cleaning is one of the hardest, if not the most, and challenging household chores to perform. It takes a lot of time, power and effort to finish cleaning the entire house. It is hard, yes, but cleaning the house is essential to make sure that the habitats of the house are safe from germs, insects or dirt that may cause sickness.

Are there days where you feel too lazy to finish cleaning? Or worse, start it? No need to worry, you aren’t the only one like that! But that doesn’t mean that you can skip the chore because that’s a big NO. Motivate yourself to do the task. “But how can I motivate myself?” You may ask. Well, you can motivate yourself by remembering that not cleaning the house will risk not only your safety but also the rest of your family.

At this point, have you made up your mind? Do you have the motivation to do the task? If yes, go ahead and read the rest of this article! Let’s treat this like a lesson, shall we?

This lesson is called:

 “Common cleaning mistakes that you should avoid.”

Using A Single Rug Or Mop For The Entire House

Using a single rug or mop for the entire house will just cause you more trouble. How? Using one cleaning material for different spaces of the house instead of separating them creates a dirtier environment for you.

You see, using the rug once would clean a certain space but if you use it again and again then the dirt and bacteria that you just cleaned will only be transferred to a new place.

A living room with a white couch and a mop.

PRO TIP: Have a separate rug or mop for each area of the house. Wash them regularly to make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned.

Forgetting To Clean And Empty Out The Vacuum

Using a vacuum definitely helps to finish the work faster. It collects trash, dust, and dirt faster and easier than doing it manually. But do not forget to clean it for it doesn’t clean itself.

“What happens if I don’t clean it?” The vacuum bag will get full and what happens when it gets full? It fails to do its job. The vacuum will not be able to collect the dirt because of all the trash that is still inside it.

A woman cleaning a hardwood floor in a living room.

PRO TIP: Set a reminder on your calendar. Make a schedule on when you should clean your vacuum. Do not forget to do this regularly.

Neglecting The Spots That Are Hard To Reach

Remember – just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Remember to clean all corners and places of the house, if you think you missed a spot then check it again. Failing to check all the areas of the house can cause bacteria build-up so do make sure that you clean every space.

There are spaces and corners that are hard to reach. But don’t give up! Try to find ways on how you can clean them. What if the dust from that corner builds up? What if not cleaning those spots regularly cost you your health? Better start cleaning those corners now!

A person cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.

PRO TIP: If you have the budget, invest in more cleaning materials that are specified for hard-to-reach spots. Double-check if you have cleaned all corners or if you missed a spot.

Rushing The Cleaning Process

You may want to finish the task faster but doing it in a rush will not assure you that you have cleaned the whole house. It is better to take small breaks than rushing through every area of the house.

You may have the satisfaction to finish it fast but the possibility of disappointment is also there. What if after the rush, you realized that the house did not look better at all? Then you’ll have to repeat the task again. Take things slowly and clean thoroughly.

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PRO TIP: Instead of cleaning in a rush, take breaks between the whole tasks. Rushing through it will only cause your energy to drain faster so it is better for you to do it calmly and slowly. You can also check Simplymaid Cleaning for further reference.

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