5 Common Mistakes During Air Duct Cleaning

A man cleaning a ceiling fan with potential mistakes during air duct cleaning in a living room.

We all know that cleaning air ducts is important. Unfortunately, many people clean it incorrectly, resulting in costly and time-consuming remedies to the mistakes. This is why it’s important to know what are the common pitfalls when air duct cleaning so that you won’t experience them firsthand.

Lack of system maintenance and check

Sometimes, people think cleaning the air duct once a year is enough. However, that is not the case because there will already be plenty of accumulated dirt and debris by the time you clean your air ducts again after a year. When this happens, the efficiency of your air duct system has already significantly deteriorated.

Unfortunately, many people overlook this, resulting in a lack of system maintenance. The question now is, how often should you clean your air ducts anyway? Well, it should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year. However, if you use it extensively, it should be cleaned earlier than scheduled because using it often can cause it to accumulate more dirt particles.

Aside from lack of system maintenance, another common pitfall during air duct cleaning is not checking up on the system’s components. Not being able to determine problems early can result in costly mistakes. It can also affect your air conditioning system’s overall performance and efficiency.

Buying the wrong cleaning and heating filter

Even if you have a professional clean your air duct and replace the filter, it would be all useless if you bought the wrong one. Using the wrong filter will strain your system, affecting its performance and lifespan.

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When cleaning your air duct system, carefully read the filter’s product description before buying it. Check whether it’s compatible with your system.

Not checking the attic

Many assume that checking the attic does not do with cleaning the air duct system. However, the attack insulation can deteriorate over time, compromising barriers.

Like systems maintenance and check up, you should also pay attention to your attic. If you notice that the insulation is damaged, it’s highly recommended to have it fixed immediately before it affects your air ducts.

Fixing or replacing attic insulation can be a bit tricky. Although doing it yourself can potentially be more affordable, it’s highly discouraging if you don’t have enough experience or skills for it. For convenience and the best result, get the help of professionals.

Choosing the first air duct cleaning company you could find

Another common mistake people make during air cleaning is choosing the first company they can contact. Although this might sound like the most convenient thing to do, you’ll later realize that other service providers offer better deals and quality services.

To avoid regrets, it’s highly recommended that you request a quote from various air duct cleaning service providers. Doing this will help you better understand how much the cleaning service costs and what the inclusions are for the services. With the quotations that you get, you can compare various offers and determine which is the best option.

Besides, most HVAC companies offer free quotations. You simply have to email them, and they’ll get back to you with an estimated price of the service that you are looking to avail. Make sure to be as specific as possible when requesting service quotations to get accurate estimates. Also, although quotations are only estimates, these will help you avoid getting shocked with the final bill later on.

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Choosing the wrong professionals

You can clean your air duct system, but since that can be time-consuming, it’s understandable why you’d prefer to get the help of professionals. Besides, they are experts in what they do and are less likely to make mistakes that can damage the air ducts.

However, although choosing to work with professionals has its perks, this decision can be damaging if you choose the wrong service provider. So, how will you know if the air duct cleaning professionals are the right people for the job? These are the common characteristics of excellent air duct cleaning professionals:

Licensed and trained professionals

The most important people in air duct cleaning services are professionals. Make sure that they are trained and licensed to do the job. You can simply ask the company for the licenses and training of their professionals, and they’ll usually provide you with confident answers.


No matter how trained and knowledgeable the professionals may be, there might be instances when the inevitable happens. This is why knowing that the company is fully insured will help keep your mind at ease in case something bad happens.

Transparent pricing

Reliable companies are honest companies. One way of gauging a company’s honesty is through the transparency of its pricing.

Approachable customer service

If you have questions or encounter a problem during the duration of the air duct cleaning service, it’s good to know that you have somebody to talk to and assist you in navigating your concerns. You can determine whether their customer service is approachable through their response rate and how eager they are to assist you.

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Proven results

The best measure of a service provider’s performance is by looking at their previous jobs and customer satisfaction. You can check what previous customers say about them in reviews. It’s best to check third-party reviews rather than just looking at what is on the service provider’s website for a more objective view.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to commit the mistake and pay for the consequences since you now know the pitfalls you should avoid. Remember these when it comes to maintaining your air duct system to avoid inconveniences and costly mistakes.

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