Top Bathroom Design Ideas

A white and gray bathroom with a tub designed for contemporary living.

It might come as a surprise to you to learn that the Covid pandemic has had a huge effect on bathroom design ideas.

With people spending more time at home, the bathroom has become the one room in the house that can be utilized as an at-home wellness center. This is the room where we will go when we want to rejuvenate and repair.

Bathrooms now need to be inviting and relaxing rooms, beautifully decorated while retaining their functionality.

There is now a vast range of bathroom ideas available for all tastes, from colors and materials to shapes and finishes. Redesigning your bathroom can be a bit tricky on your own, so finding a professional may be warranted.

If you Google “bathroom interior designers near me” you’ll find the best interior designers in your area suited to upgrading a shower room, updating your master bedroom, turning an unused space into a luxurious ensuite, or any bathroom addition.

Create a spa escape

The wellness trend has seen bathrooms now being viewed as sanctuaries, a place to relax. Spa bathrooms are a place where you can escape the rigors of the day and unwind in a luxurious setting.

Customers are taking luxury to the next level, with the introduction of huge bathtubs, and double shower heads in wet room-style showers. There is a trend toward double vanity units with sunken under-mount sinks and luxury marble, granite, or quartz countertops.

Add decorative touches with wallpaper

Paint and tiles tend to dominate bathroom designs and wallpaper is often neglected. But the right wallpaper design can be extremely effective. One of these options is to use wallpaper in metallic colors.

Fun Stripe Designs for your Wall

Metallic touches in the bathroom are hugely fashionable right now, with bronze giving a real sense of luxury. Burnished and polished bath finishes are a popular option. They create a focal point, adding structure and glamour and with the metallic wallpaper, you get a luxurious look.

A freestanding bath in a bold metallic finish changes the entire feel of a bathroom. Customers are matching brightly colored baths to a feature wall for a really strong look.

Install a sauna

A sauna is the ultimate well-being treat. The dry heat soothes muscles and de-stresses the spirit. But don’t turn your bathroom into a wooden box overpowering the entire bathroom, there are now plenty of variety in sauna styles. Instead, look for a design with stylish paneling or even glass walls for your personal spa space.

Saunas now come in a wider range of wooden finishes and can now fit into your desired scheme, rather than dictate it. Saunas can also be customized with different woods, colored LED lighting and audio speakers.

A bathroom featuring a sauna and bathtub with a unique design.

Create a calming space

The bathroom is the one room in the house where you can lock yourself away from the rest of the crowd to just soak up some “me” time. It makes sense to create a sanctuary where you can relax, refresh, and revive.

In a calm sanctuary, every item is carefully considered and designed. Rainfall showers with a generously proportioned shower head are now standard in spa-style bathrooms. Freestanding baths create a real statement as a serene spa environment and are synonymous with luxurious bathroom design.

How should you create your bathroom?

When it comes time to decorate your bathroom, there are several aspects you need to consider, regardless of the size.

Tricks and Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Firstly, every bathroom will need a toilet, basin, bath or shower (often both), including all the accompanying tapware.

How you lay these out in your bathroom will determine how much space you will have. Lighting and heating also need to be incorporated.

Once you know where those items will go, then you can go about choosing the décor. Because bathrooms are often the last room to be decorated, it’s easy to forget that is should be a space to decompress.

The same diligence you’ve applied to other parts of the home needs to also apply here. When all the work is finished and your new bathroom is ready, pick out some towels, soap dispensers, candles and artwork to complete the look.

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