Here Are 4 Simple Bathroom Renovations Tips That You Can Apply in Your Space 

3D rendering of a modern bathroom with blue tiles for bathroom renovations.

Are you in search of a simple way to spruce up your bathroom space? Renovating a bathroom space adds life to it. You need to evaluate your bathroom and have a clear picture of how you want it to be. You need to factor in the remodeling costs to come up with a fixed budget. After all, these get done you can proceed to renovate your personal space. Below are simple tips for applying during the remodeling

1. Repair the floor

New flooring is the best way to restore and improve your bathroom space. When you change the old damaged floors, you get to enhance the bathroom’s appearance. That’s not all. You also increase the bathroom’s functionality. 

You can uncover what’s hiding in the outdated tiled floor and get them cleaned. It’s a tricky process. Thus, you need to invest in durable as well as slip resistance floor materials to add value. 

There are various styles to select, including marble, ceramic or granite tiles. These materials offer durability as well as breathtaking wall surfaces as well as floorings.

A renovated bathroom with white walls and wooden floors.

2. Add a fresh coat of paint

Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of bathroom paint. You can apply new paint on mildew resistant pains on the ceiling as well as walls. It will give your bathroom an odd appearance that you’ve always desired.

Painting on old tiles can save you the cost of purchasing new tiles and removing the old ones. Always choose top-notch paint with satin. They are useful in preventing the growth of mildew.

4 Essential Bathroom Remodelling Tips

A bathroom with renovated green walls and a white tub.

3. Install more lighting

When a bathroom has poor light, it becomes dangerous and impractical to use. You need to check out various lighting options in stores that offer bathroom renovations Melbourne. Select the perfect lighting design that will foster an ideal atmosphere in your bathroom space. 

Always consider adding more natural light to your space. You can maximize on windows as well as ventilation.

A bathroom renovation featuring a stone wall and a wooden vanity.

4. Add wallpapers and mirrors

You need to add a wow factor into your bathroom space. You can choose to employ a simple and less labor intensive approach to renovating your space. You can choose to invest in wallpapers to hide any blemish within your wall.

You need to invest in good metallic wallpapers. They are not only water-resistant but also they can improve lighting conditions in your bathroom as they are reflective. 

Wallpapers are an ideal bathroom remodeling investment as you can change them regularly depending on your taste and preference. You also need to invest in various shapes of mirrors. They are reflective, thus makes the bathroom appear large.

A bathroom with updated white wallpaper and a newly installed gold mirror after renovations.


When you are out to the store to purchase various items for bathroom renovations Melbourne you ought to consider its functionality. It will save you from buying expensive things that hardly offer any value. When it comes to renovating your bathroom space stick to the basics as you build upon them. Consider cleaning your bathroom regularly. It will prevent germ build-up. Most importantly, it will improve its aesthetic value.   

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