6 Items That Should Be on Your Home Bucket List

A large mansion with a pool at night offers a luxurious and dreamy atmosphere.

We all make bucket lists in our mind about the places we want to see and the things we want to do before we leave this world.  Now let’s consider the home bucket list.  This is not about the chores and repairs needed.  This is a list of those things that we dream about related to our home.  Here are 6 items that you may consider putting on your home bucket list.

A swimming pool with lounge chairs and an umbrella, perfect for your home oasis.
A backyard swimming pool is an often wished-upon home feature (homesandlifestyleimages.blogspot)

1.  Walk-in Closet

Nearly every woman – and probably quite a few men – dream of a large walk-in closet with room for everything.  The dream walk-in closet includes drawers for storing delicate sweaters and lingerie, ample cubbies for shoes, and an array of hanging space.  Add to that plush carpet and exotic stone or wood flooring.  Lighting is by an overhead chandelier dripping with crystals and augmented with accent lighting on the shelves and above hangers.  There is space for accessories, such as belts, scarves and jewelry.  There is room to try on outfits and plenty of mirrors for modeling.  There is a soft ottoman for sitting down and putting on shoes.

A luxurious walk-in closet with a chandelier.
A gorgeous walk-in closet is a feature widely coveted (vineaholic)
A large walk in closet with mirrors and a chandelier, perfect for creating your dream wardrobe space.
Elegant walk-in closet (interiorish)
A walk in closet with a plethora of clothes and accessories.
Plenty of space for everything in this walk-in closet (fashaves)
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Modified Description: A white closet enhanced with a chandelier.
A dream walk-in closet (indulgy)
A spacious walk-in closet with organized shoe racks.
A dramatic and beautiful walk-in closet (interiorish)

2.  Spa Bath

Who wouldn’t want to have access to a spa 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?  A large soaking tub, therapeutic showerheads, heated floors and maybe even a sauna encompass the luxury spa bathroom.  At the end of a long day, immerse yourself in the relaxing waters of a spa bath or the soothing heat of a sauna.  A programmable showerhead will get the water warm for you in the mornings and you can step onto a smooth, marble floor heated from beneath.

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A large bathroom with a tub and sink. (Keywords: large bathroom, tub)
A finely appointed bathroom (photo-elsoar)
A bathroom with a bathtub and a shower, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.
A spa-like bathroom for optimum relaxation (goodfon-u)
A stone fireplace in a bathroom.
A bathroom retreat (interior-design)
A bathroom with a view of the ocean.
A spa-inspired bathroom (messagenote)
A walk-in shower in a tan tiled bathroom.
A roomy shower in this beautiful modern bathroom (Houzz)

3.  Home Theater

Movie night can be a whole new experience when you have your own home theater.  Comfortable lounging chairs, perhaps a bar for refreshments, and a large screen to view the latest in movies with friends and family round out the theater room.  To enhance the home theater further, install an LED-lighted ceiling and wire for amplified sound.  Hang a collection of movie posters on the walls and set up a popcorn maker.

A home theater with a large screen and chairs is an essential item on your home bucket list.
Home theatre with LED-lit ceiling (century21-ca)
A living room with a fireplace and TV, essential for your home bucket list.
A welcoming home theater (freshome)
A home theater with leather chairs and a large screen is an essential item on your home bucket list.
A luxurious home theater (chateau-tdg)
A home theater with a large screen and a bar: Ultimate entertainment experience
A home theater complete with bar (interiorbuzz)
A luxurious home theater with leather chairs and a starry sky.
A home theater large enough for plenty of friends (prweb)

4.  Wine Cellar

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of wine and like entertaining, or if you just enjoy a glass of wine occasionally, installing a wine cellar may be a dream of yours.  A cool, dry place is the ideal spot to store wine and reap the benefits of having your wine collection close at hand.  A wine cellar complete with table and chairs and a bar for tasting parties is an added bonus.

A wine cellar with a stone wall and wooden shelves that should be on your home bucket list.
The sommelier’s dream (josephandcurtis)
A dining room with a brick floor.
Room enough in this wine cellar for dinner and tastings (homesavvyatoz)
A wine cellar on your home bucket list.
Notice the curved brick ceiling in this beautiful wine cellar (apexwineracks)
A wine cellar.
A well-appointed wine cellar, ready for tastings (blog.vigilantinc)
A wine cellar filled with a vast collection of wine bottles.
A spacious wine cellar (Houzz)

5.  Swimming Pool

A luxurious backyard swimming pool appeals to many homeowners.  If your home bucket list includes this feature, add waterfalls and lush landscaping for added enjoyment.  Imagine floating in your pool at night under the stars with perhaps a fire pit nearby.  Weekend pool parties share the spotlight with relaxing days sunbathing between laps.

A large backyard with a pool and waterfall, the ultimate addition to your home bucket list.
A beautiful swimming pool accented with waterfalls (thehometouches)
A backyard oasis with a pool and waterfall.
A beautiful swimming pool integrates right into the landscape (taylorlandscapeco)
A backyard with a swimming pool and landscaping - Home Bucket List.
A lovely backyard swimming pool (homegardenlandscapeideas)
A backyard swimming pool.
A lush landscape accents this swimming pool (flickr)
A backyard with a pool and waterfall that should be on your home bucket list.
Natural stone and plantings accent this outdoor swimming pool (plantnj)

6.  Outdoor Kitchen

If you love cooking outdoors or enjoy entertaining, an outdoor kitchen is no doubt on your home bucket list.  Go extravagant with a full outdoor kitchen for the most efficiency.  Add a pizza oven for even more outdoor cooking fun.  Plenty of counter space adds to an outdoor kitchen, giving you the area to spread out for meal preps.  A raised counter for bar seating lets you stay in the mix of things during gatherings.

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An outdoor kitchen with a fireplace and grill: A must-have for your home bucket list.
Outdoor kitchens are often desired features for the home (indesigns.com.au)
An outdoor kitchen with a fireplace is a must-have for your home bucket list.
A wonderful place to entertain, complete with outdoor kitchen (decorativelandscapesinc)
A large outdoor kitchen with a fireplace and bar stools - an essential addition to your home bucket list.
A raised counter with chairs keeps the cook in the mix (luxurypools)
An outdoor kitchen with a grill and sink is a must-have on your home bucket list.
An outdoor kitchen outfit (latricedesigns)
An outdoor kitchen with a TV: a must-have for your home bucket list.
A welcoming outdoor kitchen (HGTV)

What is on your home bucket list?  Let your imagination run wild and become inspired by these six home bucket list items.  If these are out of your reach, start small and build your way up the bucket!


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