Fun Room

A fun dining room with colorful chairs.

Every house should have a fun room. These are leisure ready entertainment rooms that can be turned into your favourite getaway in your own house.

Club Room

We should start off with a club room. The club room is designed as a space for playing games and socializing. Woven cane chairs can be used and they can surround custom based tables. Banquette can also be used with faux-leather seat cushions. If umbrellas are used then they will live up to the name given to the room.A fun dining room with colorful chairs.

Media Room

In order to make a room lively one of the best ways is to use colourful chaise lounges with laminated bookshelf. Furthermore, colourful pillows can also be used to create an added effect.A fun living room with colorful furniture.


Relaxation in solarium is very peaceful. One can use a chaise lounge with several cushions. An antique cabinet will give an added effect with walls that are sheathed in oak, vintage rug and slate flooring.A fun living room with a large potted plant and a chair.

Billiards Room

A billiard room speaks luxury. A modern billiard room should feature a statement chandelier along with a shelf that is decorated with contemporary art pieces with books and paintings.A fun room with a pool table and bookshelves.


Sauna is considered to be a part of luxurious homes. People tend to go and relax in sauna. If someone has a big house such as on a farm they tend to dedicate one part of their house to sauna. Usually there is a corridor which is sheathed in limestone and leads to sauna which gives the room a natural appeal. A wooden hallway with a coat rack.

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