Accent Pillows–Add A Punch Of Color To Your Home

greenery accent pillow

Accent pillows offer an easy way to add a bright punch of color to your home. In fact, you can add color in just a few minutes. In addition, you can change them often to keep up with hot color trends.

Accent pillows are convenient. For example, you might rent an apartment. Of course your landlord may ban you from painting. On the other hand, you may own a home, but you don’t want to paint. No paint needed here! Toss accent pillows around the rooms to enliven the vibe.

In addition, trend colors change fast! Last year’s neutral was gray. However, this year’s neutral is taupe. Because they are easy, you can keep on top of the hot color stories by changing up pillows.

If you have a neutral decor that needs some color, accent pillows are the key. Choose trendy colors that add a pop against your neutral backdrop. The result is instant!

In fact, citrus palettes rule 2017. Bright greens, juicy tangerines, and zesty yellows rule decor. You, too, can jump on this bold trend right now! Add accent pillows like the decorators below:

Greenery is Pantone’s 2017 color of the year. It is a bright, zesty green that has a warm drop of yellow. Of course, it’s vibrant and gorgeous. However, it can overwhelm a room. Add this trend-worthy hue in pillows to add impact to your decor.

tangerine pillows

Also hot in 2017 is vibrant citrus oranges. Think of a juicy, ripe tangerine. It’s a fun color. But most of us don’t want to paint a room orange. Accent pillows enliven the room with trendy tangerine. Moreover, you dodge the commitment to orange paint!

Top bedroom colors of 2015
lemon accent pillows

Yellows fill a room with vibrancy.  Of course, great impact comes in small packages! Save yourself from the work of repainting by tossing accent pillows into your design.

In conclusion, I am sharing my personal accent pillow trick with you. As color trends change, I sew simple pillow covers that I slide over my pillows. In fact, I’ve had the same pillows for years.

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