De-Clutter Your Home in 2017: A New Year’s Resolution

De-clutter a room filled with plastic bins on the floor.

De-clutter your home in 2017, this is the ultimate New Year’s Resolution for most homeowners.  De-cluttering will improve your life. This is because you free yourself of things. In addition, you will stop wasting time trying to find the things you lost in the clutter.

De-clutter a room filled with plastic bins on the floor.

Banish clutter with ease by starting simple. Label boxes with tags: Donate, Trash, or Sell. Because you will not want to toss out items with any value, place those items in the Sell box. Have a yard sale and pocket some extra cash. If something has little value but is still useful, place it in the Donate box. Finally, put items that are broken, missing pieces, or outdated into the Trash box.

Keep only items that are in good working condition, that you use regularly, or that have sentimental value to you.

Naturally, this is an ongoing task, not a one day clean up. Tackle only one problem area each day so that you don’t become overwhelmed by this process. With diligent organizing efforts, you can clean up every area of your home.

Before and after pictures of a de-cluttered living room.


Before and after pictures of a decluttered kitchen.

Before and after pictures of a de-cluttered kitchen.

Of course, the kitchen is an area which becomes clutter. This is because we spend so much time in this room.

Before and after pictures of a de-cluttered kitchen cabinet.We often enter our homes and sit in the kitchen to sort our mail, help the children with homework, and work on crafts or hobbies. The end result is that little bits of mail, paper, and other random objects are left behind.

Before and after photos showcasing the de-cluttering of a messy office.
Before and after photos of a de-cluttered room.

In addition, we frequently clutter up the home office. This happens when we accumulate electrical cords that we’ve collected through the years, unnecessary paperwork, and broken electronics.

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Two pictures of a cluttered room with red walls and a bed. Two pictures of a girl's room with a pink bed and dolls, one of which is de-cluttered.

Two pictures of a children's room with toys and a table, showcasing organization and de-cluttering.

Also, remember to de-clutter your child’s bedroom. Because children outgrow their toys and clothing quickly, they make their rooms very messy with items they no longer use. You can use this as a teaching tool to model how to donate to those less fortunate.


Follow the organizing method and sort out unwanted objects so you can see amazing results!


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