Creative Alternatives to Defined Spaces

Spacious living room with fireplace and modern decor.

A room may be designated for a particular purpose on architectural plans, but this does not dictate it’s actual use.  There are many creative alternatives to defined spaces in your home.  A closet can be an office, a dining room can be a library or a garage can be a family room.  The possibilities are endless.

Creative alternatives for a home office with a desk, chair and bookshelves.
A home office is a creative alternative for a walk-in closet (Pinterest)

Creative Alternatives to the Closet

Storage is an important element in any home.  However, when you have ample storage elsewhere and need additional space, the closet can be transformed into an office.  Whether you have a spacious walk-in closet at your disposal or a small space under the stairs, an office can fit nicely.  A small desk or workspace and shelving is all that is needed for this creative alternative.

A home office with creative alternatives for book storage and a desk.
A library or study fits nicely into a home’s closet (

The space under the stairs is often not utilized.  It may be home to part of the HVAC system or the water heater.  However, you can still chisel out a space for a simple home office.

A creative alternative home office with a desk under the stairs.
The space under the stairs offers creative alternatives (HGTV)

Block off a small portion of a room or a tidy closet with a pair of window panels.  Create your wizardry behind the curtain with shelves and a work space.

A home office with a creative yellow and white striped wall.
A hidden closet acts as a home office (Homedit)

If you lack dedicated laundry space, transform a closet into your clothing care center.  The linen closet is often situated near a bathroom, which makes the necessary plumbing easier to access.

A laundry room with creative alternatives.
For creative alternatives for the laundry, a closet is ideal (Pinterest)

Create a reading nook in a bedroom with available closet space.  This is an ideal alternative for the teenager’s room, allowing for a personal spot for relaxing or studying.

A girl's bedroom with creative alternatives for a bed and a desk.
Create a reading niche in a closet (Pinterest)

Fancy a cozy nook in the bedroom?  Create a one-of-a-kind bed wall by painting it an accent color.  Add lighting and bookshelves for nighttime reading.

A creatively designed bedroom with a bed and bookshelves.
A closet makes the perfect alternative for a cozy headboard space (

Children will love a space where they can create their own secret hideaway.  The closet is one of the creative alternatives that makes kids’ wishes for an indoor tree-house possible.

Installing a patio at home has more benefits than just being the most entertaining place
A children's room with creative alternatives for a bunk bed and a rug.
An unused closet provides creative alternatives for kids’ rooms (

No need to sacrifice the entire closet.  With some well-planned shelving, you can combine a work center and storage.

A creative alternative bedroom with a surfboard.
Create a multi-purpose space from the bedroom closet (HGTV)

If you like to entertain frequently, why not opt for a closet bar?  Open it up for parties and simply close the doors when not in use.

A living room with a creative wine bar and a large mirror.
A bar area is the perfect alternative for a closet (Daily Herald)

Creative Alternatives to the Dining Room

The dining room is a home feature that many families just don’t use.  Make the space more usable with a library.  You can add a table and chairs for doing homework, reading or other work.  When you would like to dine in the space, simply use the existing table.

A dining room with creative alternatives.
A dining room can be used as a library (

Creative Alternatives to the Attic

The attic is often the catch-all space of a home.  Grandma’s old trunk, dad’s collection of model cars and the kids’ outgrown furniture and clothing generally dominate this space.  Make use of the attic for an extra bedroom or extra usable square footage for family gatherings.  Finish the walls and floor, add some windows and/or skylights for an airy space.

A creatively designed room with hardwood floors and a skylight.
Redo an attic for added space in the home (

Turn the attic into a sunny bedroom for guests or create the ultimate master bedroom retreat.

A creative attic bedroom with a bed and a window.
An attic can be converted into a bedroom with the addition of skylights (
A creative alternative attic bedroom with a bed and a desk.
Create a restful sanctuary in the attic (

If your attic is large enough, convert the space into a retreat for relaxing.  Designate a space for watching TV or sitting by the fire and another for working or playing on the computer.

A living room with creative alternatives to traditional fireplaces and wooden beams.
A cozy living space in the attic (TWE Consultants)

And, of course, the attic is always a great spot to create a home office.  It’s away from the other rooms, giving you privacy and quiet.

A creatively designed living room with an attic ceiling and a leather couch.
An attic is the perfect spot for a home office (

Creative Alternatives to the Garage

If you need additional living space and can’t build onto your home, the garage can be converted.  An apartment for in-laws, a boarder or even a grown child is a possibility for a garage.

Reclaimed Wood – Let it Tell a Story in Your Home
A living room with creative alternatives for flooring and a ceiling fan.
A garage conversion adds a family space to the home (

A home theatre and a space for entertaining is another option for the garage.  Plush reclining seats, a projector, movie screen and sound system can be installed for the perfect place for viewing.  Add a bar and a bathroom for a complete entertaining space.

A creative alternative for a home theater room with a bar and chairs.
A garage is a great space to convert to a home theatre (Houzz)

Don’t let the standard blueprints of your home hold you back from creating spaces that conform more to your needs and wishes.  Make your home truly yours with personal touches and usable spaces.


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