Inspiring Peacock Beauty for Your Home

A living room with an inspiring mural of a peacock feather.

The peacock is a vibrant symbol of royalty and nobility.  It symbolizes the beauty we can all achieve when we show our true colors.  The peacock’s vibrant plumage is a subject of many decorative items for the home.  When used in the home, peacock colors and items exude a flamboyant style.  Here are ideas for incorporating this vibrant and distinctive bird into your interiors.

Peacock-inspired living room.
Peacock inspired color scheme (Pier1)

Rugs are a great way to add a touch of peacock beauty to your home.

A modern living room with colorful furniture and a wooden ceiling, featuring inspiring beauty for your home.
A peacock feather rug inspires this interior (memorabledecor)
A living room with inspiring peacock beauty.
Beautiful peacock rug and teal seating (perfect-diy-ideas)

Take cues from an art print and design your space accordingly.  This dining room incorporates a balanced and refined mix of blues and greens.  The brown walls and wood tones balance the scheme.

A dining room with inspiring blue chairs and a beautiful peacock painting.
Peacock-inspired décor (Pinterest)

Use the colors of dark teal and brilliant green to highlight a room.  This scheme works well when saturated in a room.  The mirrored art above the sofa and other silver accents give dimension to the space.  The smaller framed pictures above the sofa carry the theme.

A living room with a peacock-inspired blue couch and green pillows.
Peacock colors (decoist)

Although some interiors carry the beauty of the peacock to the extreme with the use of taxidermy, the beauty of this bird is undeniable.

A peacock-inspired mirror adding beauty to your home.
Luxury interior with peacock wall accent (socialmiami)

Furniture inspired by the peacock can be quite elaborate.

A white sideboard beautifully adorned with a peacock.
Peacock cabinet (archiexpo)

Setting a beautiful table with the colors of the peacock brings a touch of glamour and brilliant color to a party or gathering.

A table set with purple, blue, and gold decorations inspired by peacock beauty for your home.
Glamorous peacock table setting (boho-weddings)

Wall murals truly unleash the full beauty of the peacock.  Murals can be artistic renderings or photographs.  These truly make an impact.

A living room showcasing the inspiring beauty of a peacock mural.
Extravagant peacock mural (starscapes)
A living room with an inspiring mural of a peacock, adding beauty to your home.
Peacock wall mural (bilinterior)
Peacock feathers adding beauty to a living room wall.
Peacock wall mural (aliexpress)

Wallpapers of the peacock theme are varied.  There are modern interpretations that are very stylistic and more traditional papers that are quite elegant.  These add distinctive character, drama and elegance to a room.

Interior Design Tips to Decorate Your Home Like a Pro
A living room with inspiring blue and white peacock feather wallpaper.
Teal peacock feather wallpaper (fabricsandframesfurniture.wordpress)
Two chairs in front of a wallpaper with peacock feathers display inspiring beauty for your home.
Modern peacock feather wallpaper (hobicell)
Peacock feathers add inspiring beauty to your home decor.
Peacock feather wallpaper (thedecorista)
A bedroom with a bed and a dresser, infused with inspiring beauty.
Beautiful bedroom enhanced with peacock wallpaper (david.laravelez)
A beautiful bed with an inspiring bedside lamp.
Beautiful peacock wallpaper enhances a bedroom (pixgood)
A beautiful bed in a peacock-inspired bedroom.
Beautiful saturated hues in peacock wallpaper enhance this bedroom (aliexpress)
A peacock-inspired bedroom that exudes beauty and inspiration.
A lighter note of peacock in this lovely bedroom (mosaicsandmurals)

The beauty and grace of a peacock brings vibrancy to the home.  When used in small doses, such as an area rug, pillows or artwork, the peacock theme can be quite refined.  Creating an interior that is inspired by the colors of the peacock’s plumage can be bold.  The symbolism of the peacock varies with every culture, but their beauty is universal and inspires vibrant interiors.


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