Decorating with Games

Glass vases with billiard balls on a tray for decorating with games.

If you are of the gaming spirit, bring the fun and nostalgia into your home with game-themed décor.  Dominoes, dice, cards, chess, scrabble and many other games are finding their way into vintage, modern and traditional interior designs.  Decorating with games is a fun trend that is easy to accomplish.

A wooden tic-tac-toe game on a table, perfect for decorating with games.

Gather up game pieces and create a display using decorative jars.  Display them on bookshelves, the fireplace mantel or on tabletops around the room.  Create a game-themed family area or use them in the game room.

Vintage suitcases and jars on a bookshelf decorated with vintage games.

Remember playing Dominoes as a kid?  Not only were Dominoes great to pass the time for their original purpose, but standing them on end in winding trails and watching them fall was always fun.  Bring back the nostalgia and iconic dotted design of Dominoes with oversized wall hangings, jarred collections and tabletop displays.

Three dominoes strategically placed on a wall as a unique and playful decoration.
Decorating with games: Dominoes in a glass jar amidst books.

Oversize metal-cast jacks displayed on tabletops, bookshelves, desks and as bookends bring a touch of whimsy to home décor.  Their distinctive shape makes them a unique decorative object.  Mix them with books, decorative boxes or other accent pieces.

Two wooden balls decorating a book.

Antique and reproduction bowling pins contribute to a vintage or country styled room.  Display them in groupings for maximum impact.  Varying sizes and patinas create visual interest.

A mantle decorated with old baseball bats and a grocery sign for a sports-themed ambiance.

Vintage pool balls gathered in a decorative bowl or displayed in glass containers add color and interest.

Decorating with billiard balls.

Scrabble-inspired décor, such as wall hangings, tabletop décor and pillows, spell quirky style that works well in children’s rooms or for tabletop displays for parties.

A wooden sign with the word home on it, perfect for decorating.
A colorful wall decorated with scrabble letters.

The iconic shapes of chess pieces feel at home in the study or home office.  As tabletop accessories, they can blend in with other items, giving a varying height to displays.  For a fun twist, place a few oversized chess pieces in a game room or man-cave for the chess player.

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Decorating with games: Chess pieces on a table in front of a window.
A living room with leather furniture decorated with a chandelier.

Dice in the form of boxes, footstools and tables add functional fun to interiors.  Display a collection of dice in jars or place them on a table.

A living room with a couch and a coffee table for decorating.
A set of wooden dice adding a touch of decoration to a wooden box.
Pottery Barn

Playing cards as wall décor bring a colorful splash to a room.  Large prints or paintings of face cards are fun additions to game rooms or the home office.

A living room with a British flag on the wall, decorated with games.
A decorated living room with a fireplace and bookshelves.

So, get in the game for some fun and quirky decorating inspiration.  Bring out those childhood games and display them in creative ways or purchase game-themed décor to add a bit of play to your rooms.


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