Refresh Your Home for Summer and Create an Oasis


Sunshine and warm breezes beckon you to come outside and enjoy the summer.  Why not bring that taste of summer inside.  With just a few simple changes you can transform your home into a summer oasis and enjoy a brighter and more relaxed environment all season long.

white slipcovered room 2 via cote de texas          Caber Sure Fit slipcover

Living room photo courtesy of Cote de Texas; Striped slipcover photo courtesy of Caber Sure Fit

To begin the transition of your interior from winter to summer, use slipcovers to transform sofas and chairs.  A light cotton duck, a vibrant stripe or even a fanciful floral slipcover instantly brightens a room and invites comfort.


Remove items that call to mind the cold days of winter.  Replace those cozy wool throws with light cotton or silk. Inject bright and fun colors and patterns into the room by changing throw pillows completely or simply slip on new covers.  Remove heavy, dark accessories and replace them with items that take up less visual weight, such as glass or wicker.  Pull up dark throw rugs and leave the floor bare or opt for natural fiber rugs in sisal or jute.  Take down heavy drapes and leave the windows bare or hang sheers that flow freely in the breeze and let in plenty of natural light.

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Summer6         Summer flowers

Bring the outdoors in with a collection of seashells or fresh flowers.  Fill pretty glass containers with seashells or summer flowers and group them for a high-impact display that conjures memories of lazy days at the beach or dreamy hours spent in the garden.

Paint Color      soft blue paint-benjamin moore breath of fresh air 

Photo on right courtesy of Benjamin Moore

For even bolder changes, try out a new paint color such as a vibrant green reminiscent of fresh cut grass.  For a more neutral fresh color change, try Benjamin Moore’s “Breath of Fresh Air”, a beautiful light blue that is as soothing as the soft lapping of waves on a beach.



Put away the doldrums of winter and bring the freshness of this summer season into your home with just a few simple changes.  Ease into the next season on waves of summer relaxation.  Go ahead, your oasis awaits.








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