Multi-purpose Furniture for the Thrifty

A multi-purpose desk with a glass top and a black chair.


One of the newest trends in interior design today is the emergence of multi-purpose furniture.  These pieces reflect today’s fast-paced world and respond to an ever-changing need for functionality in the home.  Designers are filling the marketplace with cabinets that can be used in the dining area, as entertainment centers or as office storage.  There are a multitude of pieces that serve a variety of purposes.

A white multi-purpose dresser with four drawers and metal legs. A multi-purpose sideboard with three drawers.

Buffets courtesy of Bernhardt Furniture

If buying new pieces is not an option for you, there are ways to work with what you have.  Take a look around your home with a fresh eye and discover what pieces you already own that can be repurposed.  For example, that buffet in the dining room that you never use can be moved to the family room to store games and videos and make a great surface for a flat screen television.

A walk in closet with multi-purpose furniture.

For an overcrowded bedroom with a walk-in closet, move the chest of drawers into the closet and use it for storage of out of season clothing.  An out-of-date shelving unit can be used to store shoes.  A wardrobe can be used in the entrance hall or mud room as a closet.

A console table can have a dual purpose as a desk and workstation.  Small ottomans can be stored underneath and pulled into other rooms when extra seating is needed.  Multi-purpose furniture is not something you have to purchase for a specific need.  Simply consider non-traditional uses for the pieces you currently own.  Draw your inspiration from multi-purpose furniture that is on the market now and see your own furniture in a whole new light.


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