6 Ways to Use Baskets in Your Home

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Description: A display of stacked wicker baskets for home organization.

Baskets are a stylish and easy way to add texture and storage to your interiors.  They are a versatile decorating tool and provide endless solutions to organization.  Here are six ways to use baskets in your home for display, storage and organization.

A bathroom with wicker baskets hanging on the wall offers one way to use baskets in your home.
Baskets are perfect for bathroom towel storage and display (simplydiy2.BlogSpot)
  1.  Wall Display

Use baskets to create a unique wall display.  Artisan baskets from around the world make wonderful art for your walls.  Not only do baskets add dimension and texture, you can paint them for added color or use brightly woven baskets from Mexican or African markets.

A dining room with wooden chairs and a table.
Using baskets as wall art is a simple way to bring style to a room (decoist)
Living room baskets.
A display of bright baskets gives this room dimension, color and texture (decoist)

2.  Storage

There are numerous storage solutions available with the use of baskets.  Throughout the home, baskets can be slipped into shelving, drawers and corners to store items.  At the entryway, each person in the household can have their own basket to keep their belongings handy.

6 Ways to Use Baskets in Your Home, including a white entryway with a bench.
Baskets are a great storage option (seekayem)

In the kitchen, use baskets on pull-out shelves to organize utensils, spices and other items.

A kitchen with wicker baskets.
Kitchen storage option of baskets (furnituredesignd.blogspot)

In the home office or craft room, baskets are a brilliant solution to clutter and organizing supplies.

6 Ways to Use Baskets in Your Home.
Baskets used for storage in the home office (memorabledecor)

3.  Shelf Display and Organization

Baskets can be used on shelving units throughout the home to give a finished, tidy look to magazines, books and other items.  Use them for display and organization.

A bedroom with wicker baskets on the floor.
Using baskets on shelves for stylish organization (homedoo)
A white bookcase with wicker baskets and plants, showcasing 6 Ways to Use Baskets in Your Home.
Baskets are great tools for holding books and magazines (potterybarn)

Baskets interspersed with other items on a shelf give an extra element to the display and offer space for storage.

A bookcase with wicker baskets and pictures.
Decorative baskets on shelves keep items organized (Wayfair)

4.  Under Table Storage

Fitting baskets under a table or console are a perfect solution for the small space.  Baskets under a table in the hallway or living room add an extra touch of style and offer out-of-the-way storage.

8 Tips to Make the Ambiance of Your Home More Welcoming
Wicker baskets in a living room.
Baskets are perfect for under table storage (theinspiredroom.net)
A living room with wicker baskets.
Under table storage with baskets (apartmentlifestyle.net)

5.  Bathroom Storage and Display

Use baskets in the bathroom to store and display towels and toiletries.  This keeps items at the ready in organized style.

A bathroom with towels hanging on the wall.
Towel storage with baskets in the bathroom (herbeauty.co)

Attach baskets to the wall and stack rolled up towels in them for an instant storage solution.

6 Ways to Use Baskets in Your Home with Wicker Baskets
Bathroom towel baskets (taherdec.blogspot)

Use baskets under the bathroom vanity and on the vanity top for multiple storage choices.

A bathroom with baskets.
Under counter basket storage in the bath (mydavecarroll)

6.  Kitchen Storage and Organization

Organize spices and condiments in a basket, or use baskets in place of drawers under the kitchen island.

A wicker basket filled with olives and spices, showcasing 6 ways to use baskets in your home.
Basket tray for kitchen (Pinterest)
A kitchen island with a wicker basket for storage.
Kitchen island with basket storage (monterior)

Baskets provide so many options for storage, organization and decoration around the home.  With unique shapes, designs and colors baskets are the perfect functional decorating tool.


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