The New Interior Design Craze: Hanging Vases

Three hanging vases with flowers.

With the modern homes pulsing for fresh and new ideas, this beautiful new trend has taken interior designers by storm.

Hanging Vases are the fresh new way to inject a pop of colour, life and fragrance in your home in a nice new twist.

Five hanging vases with flowers in glass jars.
Hanging flowers and plants in mason jars

This fresh alternative does without the traditional pot plant which requires significant dirt, a hefty vase, an undervase, and a surface on which to put it!

With just a perforated glass ball (much like the ones used for Christmas baubles), a piece of twine, and half a glass of water changed daily, you can have you perfect living room addition.

Use different colours and styles to coordinate with your house decor.

Four hanging vases with flowers.
Fresh colour pop

If you are a DIY enthusiast, this is the perfect project for you to try next. With such elegant simplicity as the base of the project, the sky is the limit. You could try using different containers such as wine or champagne bottles, mini liquor bottles, recycled mason jars, perforated wine glasses or champagne flutes, tin cans for a rustic look, or even emtpy candle holders!  You could also try different hanging methods such as having the flowers hanging from the ceiling, or clamped to the wall. They could also be on a free standing support, or hanging from the edge of a tall shelf or cupboard.

Three wine bottles with flowers hanging on the wall using hanging vases.
Upcycle wine bottles for a French look

Make this project yours, and experiment with your favourite colours, textures, and designs.

Diy hanging mason jar flower holder.
DIY Project: If you have a free wall in your porch, living room or even kitchen, this fresh look will surely amaze all your guests

You can add plain tap water to the base of the vase, or try dropping in a drop of food colouring for a futuristic look. Even better if the water colour contrasts with the petals of the main flower. Similarly, you could try adding sand. Sand will create a lovely beachy effect, and it is especially suited to lilies, orchids, succulent and ferns.

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A hanging glass terrarium with succulents and sand in it.
Hanging beach floral arrangement. Ideal for an outdoor meal reception

They can be as elaborate or simple as your taste and budget requires. For ceremonies, hanging vases with sand can also look grand with white daffodils:

White flowers in a hanging glass vase.
Beach Hanging Flower Vase

For a more playful, cheerful look, you could add other vase fillers such as water marbles to the base of your arrangement.  These can be bought in a wide selection of colours, and does not at all harm your plant. Try mixing different sizes and colours for a fun look.

A table setting with hanging vases.
Try different vase fillers for a truly unique look
A hanging light bulb filled with red sand.
If trying this project as DIY, purchase hollow lightbulbs, and fill with coloured artificial sand

As well as being a great interior design trend, these hanging vases are acquiring a very wide audience within ceremonies and wedding receptions too. If you are decorating for an outdoor event, hand these elegant arrangements from tree branches, ideally swooping across dining tables, as such:

A table with hanging vases filled with food and flowers.
DIY Hanging Flower Vases for outdoor receptions
Three hanging vases with flowers.
Lightbulb vases hanging from a birch tree
A wooden table with hanging vases of flowers.
Romantic Outdoor Hanging Vases. Ideal not only for receptions, but for your spring garden too

Therefore, no matter the occasion, budget, taste or decor, hanging vases will inject in your enviroment a fresh, strong, new vibrance of colours and fragrance. Be sure to change the flowers at least once a week, and remove and mould or condensation that might form inside the vase (especially spherical ones). Also make sure to keep them out of the reach of children, as they make very dangerous toys.

Have fun and get into this new fresh trend!

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