Global Chic Style for a More Personalized Home

A living room with a colorful rug and framed pictures featuring global chic elements.

Part eclectic, part bohemian and fully vibrant, global chic design is a fresh and worldly decorating style that is in vogue this year.  Establish your personal style and add international spice to your home with treasures from afar.

A living room with a colorful rug featuring global chic style.
Sig Bergamin, Designer, via Elle Décor
A living room with a global chic vibe featuring a zebra print rug.

Whether you have traveled the world or just vicariously enjoy it while sitting at your computer, you can achieve a worldly look in your home.  Colorfully printed blankets, pillows and fabrics with Asian, Moroccan, African, and many other influences make exotic additions to your home.


A global chic rug in the living room.
Designer Carolina Irving
A colorful stack of fabrics with a global chic essence.

To create a truly personalized space, mix Indian inlaid furnishings with Moroccan lanterns and African mud pots and tribal masks with Afghan rugs.  Create an exotic world in your home where international culture gives your home a lived-in look.

A living room with white furniture and a fireplace decorated in global chic style.
Reena Pasricha

Let your collected treasures from your travels lead you on a journey every time you step into your home.  If you have not traveled, acquire accessories from world markets and sources that sell handmade goods of international flair.  Flea markets and estate sales are excellent sources of worldly finds.

A global chic mirror on top of a dresser.
A global chic table with a statue.
Joel Chen for Elle Decor

If you have traveled and collected items along your journeys, display them proudly and let the stories unfold.  Global chic style embodies the spirit of various cultures, allowing you to create a home that is distinctly personal.

A global chic living room with bookshelves and a couch.
A living room with red walls and a global chic coffee table.

For a burst of color and texture, install glazed Moroccan or Mexican tiles in the bathroom or kitchen.  Use them as accents or tile an entire wall.  Add accents and fixtures in bronze to complement these rich ceramics.

A bathroom with a gold faucets.

Wherever your journey takes you in life, open up the world in the comfort of your own home with global chic style.  This style allows you to experience many places and cultures at once, wherever your travels have lead.

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