How to Add Black to Your Interiors for Sophisticated Style

A monochrome living room with a striped pattern.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when retailers make heavy reductions in prices and Christmas shoppers flock to the stores to get the best deals.  Well, for those of you who prefer a calm, relaxing Black Friday away from the chaos, here is the interior design equivalent to Black Friday with tips on how to add black to your interiors for sophisticated style.

A black and yellow living room with a staircase.
Black and yellow living room is sophisticated and chic (idesignarch)

By just adding a touch of black to a room, the space is elevated.  Black lends dimension and enhances color and shape.  Using black in a room is the equivalent to placing a photograph or artwork in a black frame.  It brings out the nuances of the design.

A living room with a fireplace and a cowhide rug.
Black accented ceiling and window treatments add sophistication and drama (Houzz)
A dining room with a large table and chairs featuring vintage furniture.
Small touches of black in an interior make big impact (
A living room with leather furniture.
Black furnishings and accents ground this space (

Black and white is a classic color scheme that is like slipping into a little black dress or putting on a tuxedo with a crisp white shirt.  It is elegant, refined and very sophisticated.  Go for an even balance of black and white or create a space that is predominantly black and accent it with white trim or furniture.  Mix patterns of black and white textiles and accessories for more depth and interest.  Use a third color as a small accent to provide pops of unexpected color throughout the room.

A white and black sectional sofa.
Black and white interior (ihousepict)
A living room with a cowhide rug.
Black and white interior is dramatic and sophisticated (afremovblog)
A black and white living room with a chandelier.
Dramatic black and white living room (decoist)
A monochrome living room with art on the wall.
Black and white is a classic (Houzz)
A black and white staircase with a chandelier from 1796.
Dramatic black and white entry (Houzz)
A living room with a large black and white painting.
Chic and sophisticated black and white interior (decoist)
A monochromatic living room with a television.
Black and white interior is modern and chic (room.ideas)

Adding gold to a black interior heightens the drama and the elegance.  Gold accents on black furniture, decorative accessories and lighting in gold are fine compliments to a black interior.

A black and gold dining room with chairs.
Black and gold interior is elegant (stellarinteriordesign)
A vintage piano in a room.
Sophisticated luxury with black and gold (
A black and gold bedroom with a bed and chairs showcasing luxurious elegance.
Dramatic black and gold wall (guupress)

Black walls make a perfect backdrop for artwork.  Mixing tones of gray with black create a very tailored look.  Using a gloss finish on black painted walls highlights the space and adds drama.  It brings out the colors of the room.  Black walls with vibrant colors is a stunning mix.  Traditional paneling painted black is a powerful statement for a study or home office.

The Fresh, Colorful Interiors of Summer Thornton
A living room with black walls
Black walls give this room drama and chic sophistication (interiordeisgnipedia)
A living room with black walls and a zebra print ottoman.
Black walls are a dramatic backdrop for art (Elle Décor)
A home office with black walls and a chandelier.
Beautiful black room (digsdigs)

With black stainless steel entering the kitchen market trend, black kitchens are on the rise and more elegant than ever.  Combine white solid surface countertops with black cabinetry and appliances for a sleek, refined look.

A star floor in a black and white kitchen.
Stylish black kitchen (mylusciouslife)
A modern kitchen with black cabinets.
Sleek and stylish black kitchen (decobizz)
A black and white kitchen with a large island.
Elegant black kitchen (decorcology)

The powder room is the perfect space to try out a little black if you’re not yet ready to embrace it fully.  The powder room’s limited space allows you to create a look on a smaller scale before trying it elsewhere in the home.

A bathroom with black walls and gold accents.
Elegant black and gold powder room (decoist)
A bathroom with black wallpaper and a chandelier.
Elegant black powder room (decoist)

Using black in your interiors creates a sophisticated elegance.  Black brings out the other colors in the room and enhances the shapes of furniture and accessories.  It envelopes a room and grounds the space.  It is the frame for the artwork that is your room.  Celebrate your Black Friday by adding black to your décor and avoid all the chaos out in the retail world.


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