What’s In: DIY Pillows

A white bed with pillows and a DIY pillow sign that says sweet dreams.

Pillows are found in multiple rooms in the house. They are in bedrooms, of course. Many times they are also found in living rooms, placed upon a couch, rocking chair or window sill. Sometimes you’ll find them in a play room or den. No matter where you find them, you’re bound to see them stacked almost as high as a mountain since many people find them as a useful accessory. Over time they can get work down or not fit in with the design of the room any more. That is when you’re in need of some new pillows, or at least pillow covers. Rather than buying expensive ones from a store, try some of these DIY pillow ideas to create one that is unique to your home.

 1. Stenciled Pillows

Consider using a stencil DIY pillow to add a design, letter or picture onto your pillows. If you really want to go all out, add a quote or intricate design on the pillow to make it even more personalized. This is a great idea for dens, living rooms and bedrooms. Playrooms could have stenciled pillows as well to add to the fun atmosphere.

A DIY collage of pillows with owls and letters on them.

2. Sewn-on Designs

Want to add a beautiful flower that rises from the pillow or just a simple design that lays flat like the image below? Try doing a sewn-on (or even iron-on) design on your pillows! This DIY pillow concept can work for any room and is moldable to fit any theme.

Yellow couch, DIY pillows.

3. Funky Patterns

One of the great parts about DIY pillows is that you can pick and choose the fabric you want. Rather than stenciling or sewing on a design, lose the hassle and find the fabric you want. There are options for sewing, gluing or even other no- sew options to make these so anyone can make a pillow.

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DIY 4th of July pillows on a wooden bench.

4. Distinctive Designs

There are also many DIY pillow ideas out there to create pillows with different textures and shapes. This can be fun, especially for the crafty type or those that like a bit more of a challenge.


A handmade round red pillow sitting on a window sill.
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