Plan for This Weekend: Make Your Bedroom Awesome Together

A collage of pictures "making" a bedroom together.

What makes a bedroom a special place for couples? Of course, the fact that it is the epicentre of the relationship of both the souls. There are certain aspects that can either make or break the deal as far as building the romantic mood for both the members in a relationship.

It’s weekend and both of you and your better half want to break the jinx by trying something new. Wondering how to make bedroom romantic? The ideas given below will help you do it.

1. Start with your bed

Your bedroom is the shared space between you and your spouse. So, you may want to make it look good to the best of your abilities. For this happen, it is imperative that you focus on certain key elements such as pillows, laundered sheets, etc. Emphasizing on these aspects will give you the best chance to make bedroom romantic both for yourself and your partner.

A lavish bedroom featuring an ornate bed and a cozy fireplace.

Pillows should be big enough to make you feel comfortable when you put your head on it. The same goes for the other person who shares the bedroom with you. Similarly, freshly laundered sheets will go a long way toward jazzing up and rejuvenating your mood. For more ideas in this regard, you can visit DoULike.

2. Do away with any clutter

With a cluttered room, you will cramp for space. Because avoiding distractions constitutes the main idea behind decorating a bedroom, getting rid of unnecessary stuff is one of the essential steps that you may want to consider.

A cozy bedroom with a canopy bed.

Plus, it will also help you to tidy things up. With less clutter, your bedroom will look neat and clean.

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3. Be creative with lighting

While some couples prefer to use a night bulb, others do not like the idea of sleeping even with dim lighting. Most couples prefer the former option, though. Do both of you belong to this group? If yes, then you can put your creativity into play to make all the difference.

A cozy bedroom with a bed and charming ceiling lights.

Ensure that your overhead light isn’t turned on at the time of sleeping. This is because its excessive brightness can not only look unflattering but also have a besetting effect on your sleeping pattern. Think about using something which gives you the impression of lighting without actually making you feel as if some sort of lighting is on. The soft glow of tea lights placed in safe holders can do the job for you without fuss.

4. Top it up with fresh fragrance

Are you someone with an eye on fashion? If yes, chances are you may be using perfume to draw the attention of people around you. Consider doing the same with your partner as well? Romance and desire share a close connection with a smell. If you are worried that the idea can be a little expensive, there are ways to do it without putting a strain on your finances.

A cozy bedroom with a bed, dresser, and a ceiling fan.

You can either use a less-expensive perfume or a regular after-shave around your bed. Consider only those scents which you are familiar with. Use one of your familiar smells so you are doubly certain that your effort will produce the desired effect.

5. Sprinkle rose petals on your bed

Rose has been in association with romantic intentions for a long time. It is treated as the symbol of love and affection. You can carry its effect to your bedroom. Scatter some rose petals along the floor to the door of your bedroom. This is ideal for bedrooms that are located upstairs. And don’t forget to scatter a few on your bed as well.

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A cozy bedroom featuring stone walls and a fireplace.

As for choosing rose petals, it does not have to be a big deal. You can either approach a florist in your local market or get artificial rose petals to create the magical effect.

 6. Channel your mood and ambience towards passion and intimacy

Your bedroom is your little world wherein you get intimate with your partner, right? Clothes airers, ironing boards, television set are the things that can put roadblocks in the path of romance between the two of you. So, get rid of those items to enhance the level of intimacy and passion in your bedroom. If possible, decorate your bedroom with shades that are neutral.

A romantic bedroom with rose petals on the bed.

If there are children’s toys in it, make sure that you put them away. Soft and mellow music can stimulate romantic feelings and cause arousal by building the right mood. Think about using this idea only if you are certain that both you and your partner are fond of such music. Ripe cherries and strawberries in a bowl will also help in bringing a sense of relaxation when both of you lie on the bed.

A bedroom with a white bed and red pillows.


The secret to making a bedroom an awesome place for a couple lies in preparation. While there are numerous ways to do so, it is imperative that you go with the ideas that coincide with your senses. Adding sensuous lighting, music and aromas are great ways to bring your partner a step close to you in your bedroom. Try out the ideas that are mentioned above and see the difference.

A bedroom with a large bed and a mirror, perfect for making memories together.
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