How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like an Energetic and Harmonious Space

A living space with gray walls and a fireplace.

We may spend most of our time at work, commuting or simply in other rooms of our homes, but it’s actually the bedroom that impacts our well-being the most. It’s the room where we let all our concerns go, where we shed everything that happened throughout the day and give ourselves completely to sleep and relaxation. This is why extra attention to detail is needed when decorating this very special room of our homes. A little sprucing up may go a long way, so here are the changes you should consider implementing in your very own bedroom:

1. Make It Airy

Since the bedroom is designed to give us peace of mind and to become a space where we disconnect from whatever troubles us, it needs to be fairly decluttered and airy. If we have a messy and overly-decorated bedroom, this will reflect in the quality of our sleep, as well as in the lack of relaxation we may experience. Having said this, make sure you take a few hours aside and remove anything that’s unnecessary or misplaced from the bedroom. If minimalism doesn’t really define you and you feel more at ease when owning many different items and articles, it’s recommended you start storing them in boxes, rather than keeping them in plain sight. The positive psychological impact will be immediate – you’ll notice how you’ll start to feel more tranquil and clear-minded.

A bed in an Oceanside bedroom.
Wow! This bedroom pops! Indeed, the crisp white linens look dreamy against the rich blue wall.

2. Minimize Your Color Palette

The one thing you can easily do to improve your bedroom is to redecorate in such a way that you keep the color palette to a minimum. This means it would be best for your energy levels to just focus on using one or two main colors for your bedroom and emphasize them with items that have different color accents, just to give it a twist. If you want your bedroom to be a space of harmony and peace, opt for pastel and warm colors, instead of harsh colors. Then compliment your rugs, curtains and furniture with the colors you’ve chosen. Your bedroom will thus receive a sense of unity that will only come back to you in the shape of positivity and balance.

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A bed with a striped headboard and pillows featured in a pleasingly rustic bedroom.

3. Upgrade Your Bedding

Not only is the bed the visual focal point of the bedroom, it’s also responsible for our transition from one day to another, as well as our overall well-being in our day-to-day lives. To this end, upgrading bedding and investing in high-quality fabrics really pays off. By replacing your regular pillowcase with a silk pillowcase, for instance, your skin will suffer a lot less, your hair won’t get frizzy and your body temperature will get properly regulated. Don’t stop at the pillowcase though. Get higher-quality sheets too – your comfort level will instantly rise and you’ll thank yourself later for this small investment.

4. Accessorize In Good Taste

When looking to redecorate your bedroom, remember the great power that accessorizing can have on transforming the entire look of the room. A well-chosen painting can bring a note of liveliness or calm, depending on what you prefer, while a unique headboard or bed frame can make the room instantly feel more stylish. If you are a craftsy person and would prefer to get your hands in the mix, you can also DIY your own curtains, nightstands or artworks. The best part about it is you’ll get an extra buzz of satisfaction when sleeping in a room you helped design yourself, according to your own taste and personality.

5. Bring Variation to Your Lighting Fixtures

Variation will usually bring a bit of creativity and zest for life if implemented in style. This also applies to your bedroom lighting fixtures, which are most often than not overlooked or kept to a minimum. Most bedrooms have one main overhead light, but that may not serve you as many purposes as you’d want. Put your imagination to the test and bring in dimmers, nightstand lamps and fixtures that will add a bit of whimsical energy to the room, apart from being extremely functional.

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A bed in a bedroom transformed into an energetic and harmonious space.
Symmetry in Designing This Bedoom

Having said this, if you are planning to take the time and invest resources in upgrading your bedroom, you may as well make a list from the get-go with what you would like to improve. By implementing the tips above, you’ll notice how quickly your bedroom turns from familiar and faded to a space in which you’ll want to be more in, every day.

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