World Traveler Bedroom Ideas

A world traveler's bedroom with a large map on the wall.

Has the travel bug bitten you or your family? Want a way to showcase your adventurous spirit and trinkets collected from abroad? Rather than tattooing the world map on your back, try designing your bedroom as an oasis that will let you reminisce of past travels or ponder up upcoming adventures! Here are some tips to help get you started on a bedroom that will fit your lifestyle:


1. Bedding: This tends to be an often overlooked section of the bedroom, but it can pack the biggest punch design-wise. Your bedding can alter the feel from encompassing the globe to centralizing on one aspect of traveling. 


2. Paint and Wall Decor: Your walls can also dictate the atmosphere of your room. It can be subdue and worldly with images of old maps or neutral hues on the wall, or you can spice things up with color and  hang collectables from abroad throughout your bedroom. Some go even bolder and make an entire wall a world map, which can be a fun way to track your travels by coloring in places you’ve visited and even pinning photos above each country you’ve traveled to.

3. Trinkets/Accents: It’s not uncommon for travelers, seasoned or not, to return with items from abroad. For those that you hold more dear or are possibly more valuable, it might be wiser to keep them in your bedroom. These items can help with nostalgia and also provide inspiration for your next trip, so why not showcase them in your bedroom? You can also find some cute accents to give personality to the room, whether bought or handmade from items you have laying around.

4.Lighting and Flooring: Of course, the floor and lighting fixtures can also bring in the travel vibe. It’s all about creativity and thinking outside-the-box to utilize these in creating a nomad’s dream room.

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