Trending Bedroom Interior Colors 

A colorful bedroom with a bed, dresser, and framed pictures.

Are you tired of your old wallpapers, or plain white walls? Your bedroom needs refreshment, and you want to add a bit of color to your life, but do not know where to start? Well, you can start with our recommendations for some of the most aesthetically pleasing bedroom colors. 

Painting the walls can change the atmosphere in your home; you can warm it up, make it more playful, vibrant, etc. But, it can be so hard to find that one ideal color. Especially with wall paint colors, you can get any shade you want, and that is why it is so complicated. It is not easy to settle for just one color when there are five more similar ones, equally beautiful. 

Changing the color of your walls is also a great starting point if you are looking to redecorate your home or change the furniture. Wall color sets the base for all the other changes, so you should start from there, and then pick and arrange other home items. Keep in mind that brighter colors make space look bigger. To narrow down your options, here is our list of some of the trendiest bedroom colors for 2019.

Neutral Shades

Everyone loves a neutral beige or off-white tone that goes well with pretty much everything. Neutrals are always a safe pick for interior color, but there are too many of them, and to some people, they all look the same. However, if you have an eye for nude tones, you can notice a difference between them. Pale shades are a huge trend this season, if you want to play it safe and cool, go for light gray tones, something not quite grey, and not quite white. Our recommendations are Benjamin Moore’s Moonshine and Calm.

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A bedroom with gray walls and a bed showing modern bedroom colors.
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Olive Greens

You would be surprised how easy to combine with are olive green shades. Olive tones on walls have been a massive hit this season; they are rich, classy, tranquil, and bold at the same time. They go well with gold details, neutral tones, or even bright colors because they are so versatile. Even those deep and dark olive shades can go really well with some nude furniture and give your bedroom modern hotel-room vibes. Benjamin Moore’s Dark Olive and Sharkskin are our favorites.

A woman standing next to a bed in a colorful bedroom.
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Muted Blushes

Although the millennial pink trend is still going strong, the softer and dusty shades of blush pink are now taking over the pink throne. These blushy colors are timeless and go particularly well with metal details in old gold, but you can also create a monochromatic scene with the use of different shades of pink. Blushing Bride by Valspar is the perfect example of a color that will create a soft and cozy interior.

A bed with a purple comforter in a bedroom.
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Sleep Colors

Can you guess what are the best bedroom colors for sleep? Some colors can be conducive to sleep, and surprisingly, blue is the best one. Cooler shades of pale blue, or deep and rich royal blue, whatever you prefer, blue is the ultimate sleeping color. Our brain receptors called ganglia are particularly sensitive to blue, so when they spot it, they signal our brain that we are in a calming environment, causing our blood pressure and heart rate to drop, which induces sleep. Sherwin Williams’ Distance is our recommendation, but if you are not into blues, you can go for green and yellow tones.

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A bedroom with blue walls and a teddy bear.
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Terracotta Tones

If you prefer desert vibes, you can now create your own bedroom oasis in one of the numerous nature-inspired clay tones. These colors are ideal for people who are not afraid to experiment and want a warm and cozy looking bedroom. Different shades of orange, brick red, and earthy tones may seem too dark, but they are not, and they go well with beige accents and furniture. It is no wonder that Cavern Clay was chosen as the color of the year by Sherwin Williams; this color brings those southwest and oriental vibes, and it is a perfect terracotta color.

Colorful beds in a hotel room.
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Citrus Accents

If you do not want your bedroom to be all in one dull color, you can use electric citrus colors to give a bit of life to your room. Lime, kiwi, lemons, orange, etc. all these fruits come in various neon and pale shades that are great eye-catchers. For example, you can paint the central one-third of your wall in a bright or pale neon yellow color. You can play a lot with these bold colors and create unique designs and color combinations that will give your bedroom an attitude. The real statement color from this group is Lime Mousse by Valspar.

A colorful bedroom with pillows and a lamp on the bed.
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We hope our recommendations were helpful to all of you who are wondering whether to risk it and give some color to your walls. You do not have to go with dark tones immediately if you are insecure about the change. Start with pale and soft tones, and you can later easily upgrade it by adding one more darker layer. Choose the color that resembles you and your lifestyle; that way, you will never be disappointed with your choice.

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