Unique Beds that Create an Atmosphere

A unique bedroom with a bed hanging from the ceiling.

Bed frames don’t have to come in a one-size-fits-all square shape. Nor do they need to have your standard straight, vertical pillars that hold the frame together. This is your haven and room for relaxation, after all, so why not find a unique bed to create the atmosphere you want?

It’s often overlooked, but bed frames can bring creativity and novelty into a bedroom for a unique outcome. Simply changing the outline or pillars can bring on a big difference. One example can be creating an earthy, whimsical feel to your room by having a pale or natural color frame with the pillars shaped like branches to resemble trees. If you want something more unique, try an unconventional shape or a using a different headboard that exudes character. Canopies or an arch-shaped headboard can be ways to achieve this.  Some beds are now in interesting shapes or items like wine barrels, boats, among other things. This can be a great way to spruce up your room, the guest room or a children’s room.

Location is another vital item to consider when utilizing a unique bed. An option that is gaining some popularity is the lifted bed. There are many ways to do this, and they can look superb while creating storage space below. Some are suspended with part of the frame  attached to the floor. Others have the option of being attached to the ceiling.  If you really want a relaxed atmosphere, look into hammock beds. Another possibility for bed locations would be in wall or floor. Having a depressed  bed may be a nice way to feel closer to the ground, giving a more stabile feeling. Putting beds in the wall can be a neat design, especially for bringing bunk beds to a new level in children’s rooms.

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