This Cozy Bedroom Decor Will Make You Want to Stay in Bed All Day

A bed in a bedroom adorned with decor.

Your bedroom may be the place to go to feel relaxed and comfortable, but that doesn’t make it exempt from design aesthetic. The bedroom decor below prove that you can have both coziness and chicness in one package. It is about to get a lot harder to get out of bed.

1. The nest

Does your room have high ceilings and windows? Consider building a raised platform for your bed the next time you are redesigning. This bedroom gives its owner a calming view of the trees through the window, and also includes a reading chair to best utilize the natural light

A white bedroom with minimalist bedroom decor.

2. White can be cozy

An all-white bedroom may not be the first choice for coziness but if white is your thing, you can induce that cozy feeling by using texture and layering. This bedroom décor uses creative brick wall styling, an upcycled scaffold plank headboard and heavy metal floor lamps to make the whitest bedroom ever feel remarkably cozy.

A white bedroom with brick walls and a white bed, perfect for bedroom decor.

3. Warm light

Even the simplest of spaces can be made interestingly cozy with the right light. The bedroom below utilizes pretty hanging pendant lights to create warmth while adding a touch of sophistication.

A bedroom with simple decor featuring a bed and a desk.

4. The hanging bedroom

Open-plan studios can be a challenging space to work with when creating segregated sleep space, but with enough floor-to-ceiling space, you can explore some really interesting options. In this home, for instance, framework floats the bed directly above the living space, and a skylight is added to make the owner feel like they are drifting through the sky.

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A loft bed in a bedroom with a desk.

5. Bookshelves for window frames

Bookshelves always warm up a room, and when used to surround windows, they also have the added advantage of making use of empty wall space. Imagine sleeping in this bed on a cold winter’s day and watching snow as it falls softly through the stacks.

A bedroom with bookshelves for bedroom decor.

6. Naturistic

Touches of nature, whether bold or subtle can be great ways to add some coziness to your sleeping space. This cottage, for instance features clever pops of nature like garden clippings, a neutral sisal carpet, old books, dry thistles in apothecary bottles, an antique glass cabinet and a row of succulents, all which collectively make the room calm and relaxing.

A white bedroom with a wicker chair and a desk featuring minimalist bedroom decor.

It may not be straightforward to make your bedroom the perfect mix of cute and comfy, but as these creative ideas above show, it is entirely possible. Let them point you to the right direction.

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