10 Ways to Decorate Your Bed Wall

A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table, featuring creative ways to decorate your bed wall.

You know that blank space behind your bed?  That wall is crying out for something bold and creative.  Here are 10 ways to decorate your bed wall to enhance your space and bring character and style to your bedroom.

10 Ways to Decorate Your Blue and White Bedroom with Framed Pictures.
A grouping of prints across the bed wall add character and style to the bedroom (tocofi)
A bedroom with a large bed and a chandelier is featured in
A dimensional wall panel adds character to this bedroom (homedesign123)
10 Ways to Decorate Your Blue-Walled Bedroom
Simple baskets add charm to this bed wall (simplysuzannes.BlogSpot)

1.  Repurposed doors, windows or any architectural elements can add charm and character to your bedroom wall. Think of creative ways to install these elements, even letting them expand onto the ceiling.  These pieces give your bedroom a sense of history.

A Wooden headboard for your bed.
Repurposed wood gets a new home in the bedroom (demilked)
A bedroom with a wooden bed and white linens, decorated with a stylish bed wall.
Repurposed items highlight the bed wall (Pinterest)

2.  Bookshelves are a great way to frame a bed and provide functional space for the avid bedtime reader. Bookshelves also give you space to display favorite accessories and collectibles.

A cozy bedroom with a bed and bookshelves.
Bookshelves frame the bed (Pinterest)
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Modified description: A bed surrounded by bookshelves.
Bookcases flank a bed (elementsofstyleblog)

3.  Dimensional panels look great in a modern space. Made of wood, padded fabric or metal, panels bring life to a dull wall and make a bold and stylish statement.

A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table offers multiple ways to decorate your bed wall.
Dimensional panels highlight this bedroom wall (home-designing)
A modern bedroom with wooden walls and a wooden bed. 
Keywords: Modern Bedroom, Wooden Walls
The bed wall is the focal point of this room (home-designing)
A bedroom with a bed.
Textured wall panels create a great backdrop for the bed (architectureartdesigns)

4.  Positioning your bed in front of a window is sometimes the best option if your space is limited. Not only that, but placing the bed between two windows frames the bed.  Hanging curtain panels on each side furthers the effect and looks attractive for a traditional space.

10 Ways to Decorate Your Bed
The window frames the bed (HGTV)
A bedroom with a bed and dresser.
A bed is framed by window curtains (decorpad)

5.  Creating a wall that separates the bed is an option that takes things to a whole new level. It creates a special place for the bed and can provide a divider in a room with a sitting area.

A bed in a room at St. Martin's apartment.
Putting up walls around the bed separates other spaces (swiftorchids)
A white bedroom with wooden floors and a bed, decorated with 10 Ways to Decorate Your Bed Wall.
Placing a wall between the bed and room for added effect (inverted-world)
A bedroom with a bed and a dresser: Bed Wall Decor.
Creating a layered effect between windows and the bed (hgdecoration)

6.  A bed wall is a great place to display artwork. Hang a grouping of black and white photographs or prints along the wall.  Paint or order a pre-painted mural.

10 Ideas to Decorate Your Bed Wall
A display of photographs on the bed wall (laurawinslowphotography)
10 Ways to Decorate Your Bed Wall.
A large painting brings color and interest to the bed wall
A bed with letters on the headboard.
Create your own artwork with letters (caricatureasrj.blogspot)
10 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom
Display photographs behind the bed (home-designing)

7.  Shelves and architectural elements create dimension and interest. Display shelves and storage cabinets along the wall are an interesting feature and can hide speakers or wiring as well.

Dazzle Your Senses With These 10 Rooms With White Furniture
A modern bedroom with wooden walls decorated using 10 ways to decorate your bed wall.
Shelves and architectural elements bring character and dimension to the bed wall (home-designing)
A 3D rendering of a bedroom with a bed and a mirror, featuring creative wall decor for your bed.
A stunning panel of light (home-designing)

8.  Curtains behind the bed frame the bed and can cover a multitude of sins, like faded paint or cracked plaster. They provide a soft touch to the room and can be changed often for a variety of looks.

A bedroom with brown curtains.
Curtains behind the bed add flair (decoratingfiles)
A bed with a blanket and pillows on it, decorated.
A curtain behind the bed accents the wall (decoist)
A bedroom with decorative pictures on the wall.
Curtains frame the bed and the artwork (stylidesign.pl)

9.  Mirrors can broaden a space and provide dimension and visual depth. Mirror tiles can be artistically arranged on the wall and you can even mount other artwork from the mirrors for a very stylish display.

A bedroom with black and white furniture, a chandelier, and bed wall decoration ideas.
A mirror adds depth and dimension to the bedroom (skroutzondeck)

10.  A feature wall of wallpaper, different color paint or special wall treatment is a great focal point for the bedroom.

A bedroom with beige wallpaper and a chandelier featured in
A feature wall is perfect to bring focus to the bed (nicehomedecor)
Creative ways to decorate your bedroom with a bed and a bedside table.
A creative touch for the bed wall (decoholic)

Give your bedroom a boost and frame it nicely with one of these options.  Bring color, interest and dimension to your bedroom by simply adding a little something to the wall behind your bed.  Art, wallpaper, shelves, mirrors or any number of other creative methods are sure to take your bed wall from awfully boring to awesome.


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