Use These Wallpaper Ideas to Decorate Your Bathroom

Even if bathrooms take up a little area in your home, you should have some fun with their design. It is critical to arrange your bathroom area to make you feel at ease when getting ready for the day or indulging in self-care after a long day. Wallpaper is one of the most reliable ways to freshen your bathroom space. Bathroom wallpaper can immediately transform the space and make it more attractive. Check out these incredible bathroom wallpaper ideas for a stunning remodel.

Make your bathroom more than just a place to freshen up with these wallpapers. (Photo by Good Housekeeping)


Bathroom Wallpaper With Floral Beauty

A botanical-inspired flowery bathroom wallpaper (Photo by Midwest Home)

If you enjoy flowers, consider using this biophilic wallpaper in your bathroom. This vivid tropical leaf with pink flower wallpaper pattern is one of the simplest ways to add a natural vibe to your bathroom while also making it appear larger than life. The all-white vanity unit stands out against the vivid bathroom wallpaper. With drawers and an open box unit to store your towels, the vanity unit makes the area functional. A floating shelf spans all three walls, providing ample space for cosmetics, candles, and even small pots.


Bathroom Wallpaper with an Edgy Brown Stripe

A botanical-inspired flowery bathroom wallpaper (Photo by Midwest Home)

A striped wallpaper like this can radically change a drab bathroom and give it a crisp appeal. This brown wallpaper adds an earthy depth to your bathroom while creating a cozy atmosphere. This design offers the appearance of space, making it the best choice for small bathroom wallpaper. The wallpaper’s brown, cream, and red patterns complement the cream floating vanity and the wonderfully reflected mirrors. The white ceramic sink and bathtub stand out against the warm mood of the bathroom. A veneer wall unit with a built-in open shelf completes the style.

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A Grey Rustic Textured Bathroom Wallpaper

In a small bathroom, textured wallpaper adds depth. (Photo by Victorian Plumbing)

For urban couples who prefer modern home interior designs, this grey waterproof wallpaper for bathroom walls is the ideal approach to updating their space. The textured wallpaper in the bathroom adds a rustic touch, while the orange double vanity adds a dramatic and edgy touch. For an exquisite appearance, the shower cubicle is composed of tinted glass. Because everything in this bathroom design is dark and rustic, the two trendy pendant lights offer a dazzling impression.


Add Some Vintage Glamour to Your Bathroom

A bold print waterproof bathroom wallpaper (Photo by Giffywalls)

Vintage wallpapers can make a long-lasting impression by adding old-world throwback beauty to your room. Don’t be afraid to experiment with dusty rose bathroom wallpaper. This washable bathroom wallpaper with a striking print blends effortlessly with the hand-woven cane sink cabinet. The marble tiles add a high-end touch to this bathroom, while the vast circular mirror adds some urban flair. The wall-mounted wooden cabinetry adds storage space while saving floor space. The attractive pendant light illuminates the space and completes the traditional vintage style.


Bathroom Floor Wallpaper for Aqua Enthusiasts

Blue fans will appreciate this bathroom wallpaper design. (Photo by HomeLane)

When it comes to wallpaper, you can expand beyond just the walls. Take inspiration from this modern bathroom, which features aqua-themed, geometric-patterned wallpaper that extends from the walls to the floor. The elegant picture is painted by the subtle and minimalistic wallpaper pattern, paired with the sleek bathroom sink and floating cabinets. A floating shelf over the toilet is ideal for displaying your shampoos and cosmetics. Such waterproof bathroom wallpaper is an excellent option for those concerned about ruined floor wallpaper.

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Geometric Bathroom Wallcovering

This bathroom wallpaper is a must-have if you like the simple elegance of geometric shapes. This geometric patterned bathroom wallpaper in white and blush pink gives your home a fresh yet opulent feel. Toiletries and bathing accessories are easily organized with a vanity unit with drawers and a stylish wall-mounted bathroom cabinet. The backlit mirror enhances the experience of getting ready in this bathroom by adding a pleasant glow to the space.


Bathroom Wallpaper in Blue Shades

Design with a blue motif and a 3D print (Photo by Pinterest)

The above blue-themed design, which features a 3D print at the end, will color your bathroom decor. This beautiful blue wallpaper design is used on two bathroom walls in two different ways. The dark blue looks great with the light brown floating sink cabinet and white countertop. This wallpaper is an unusual choice that will impress your guests and makes the bathroom space appear light and visually peaceful. The floor tiles are likewise blue. The white subway tiles around the bathtub lend a unique touch to the room.


The Idea for a Girl’s Bathroom Wallpaper

Who doesn’t appreciate polka dots? They are an excellent choice for wallpaper in your little girl’s bathroom. A colorful and lively polka dot bathroom wallpaper and unique S-shaped hangers hold towels and bathing accessories in this white bathroom. A white toilet and ceramic tub add class to the bathroom. A floating shelf over the toilet provides plenty of storage space for products, shampoos, and even small plants. Two huge push-to-open drawers in the pink sink cabinet provide additional storage space for cosmetics and other necessities.

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Bathroom Door Wallpaper

Allow your bathroom door wallpaper to speak for itself. (Photo by House Beautiful)

Opt for bathroom door wallpaper when you want to create a significant change without changing too much of your current bathroom design. Take a cue from this green and white bathroom with a patterned yellow wallpaper for the bathroom door. The simple interiors liven up with the gorgeous patterns of the wallpaper. Not only does it make the space appear airy, but it also adds much-needed visual drama to this plain bathroom. With such intricate wallpaper embracing the door of your bathroom, you only need a few elements in the bathroom to make it look attractive.

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