Bedroom Collection: The New Generation of Home Décor


Bedrooms have evolved a lot. Initially used primarily as a sleeping area, modern bedrooms serve many other functions. For instance, many people now have their reading nooks in the bedroom, and others have fitted their bedrooms for use as home offices. Bedrooms are also used for dressing, storage, and many other purposes.

This transformation means that bedroom collections have also changed significantly. Unlike in the past, when the bed was the most important or sole feature of the bedroom, modern bedrooms are characterized by various furniture pieces and accessories.

Read on to learn the main furniture pieces of the modern bedroom, their functions, and how to choose each piece.

Bed frame

The bed frame is the part of the bed used to position the bed base, which, in turn, directly supports the mattress. This makes it the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. Bed frames may also stop the mattress from moving sideways while supporting canopies above the bed.

The most important factors when choosing a bed frame are size and quality. Frames range from 39 x 75 inches to 72 x 84 inches, depending on bedroom space and your needs. Meanwhile, bed frame styles range from modern to traditional and everything in between. Make sure you get a reliable, beautiful frame that defines the space.


The headboard is a piece of furniture that attaches to the head of the bed. They were initially used as barriers between the sleeper’s head and the wall. However, headboards have recently acquired a more aesthetic role. Although many bed frames come compete with the headboard, most modern beds require separately purchased headboards.

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Choosing a headboard can be tricky. We recommend that you start by getting the right size to match the size and height of the bed. After that, choose a good color, the right materials, and the perfect fabric. Finally, settle on a design.


Also known as a bureau, a bedroom dresser is a cabinet comprising multiple parallel horizontal drawers stacked one above another, with a mirror mounted on the back. Its main purpose is to allow people to dress in front of it.

Picking a bedroom dresser usually comes down to personal preferences. Nevertheless, there are a few important factors to consider when shopping for one. For instance, consider where you want to place it. Then figure out the shape and size you want. Common styles include a chest of drawers, tallboys, and bureaus.


A bedroom collection is incomplete without a nightstand. So, what’s a nightstand? Depending on where you come from, a nightstand, night table, bedside table, or bedside cabinet is a small table or cabinet designed to be positioned right beside the bed. The uses of a nightstand vary. However, most people use them to hold the table lamp, alarm clock, reading matter, cell phone, drinks, and medication for the night.

When choosing a nightstand, the most important factor is to get the proportions right. First, make sure it’s the right height and width. Then choose a good style and perfect materials.



A wardrobe is a room or closet where people keep clothes in the bedroom. Most Americans call it a closet. However, the purpose is the same to store clothes.

The main consideration when choosing a bedroom closet is closet type. For instance, do you want a hinged-door wardrobe or sliding door style? Alternatively, do you want a walk-in wardrobe or free-standing unit? Secondly, consider the size, both height, and width. Finally, accessories, such as handles, can make all the difference.

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Extended bedrooms typically come with benches at the end of the bed. Bedroom benches are similar to any other benches found in the home. The only difference is that they are placed in the bedroom and styled to fit within the bedroom décor.

The main purpose of the bedroom bench is to temporarily hold laundry baskets and clothes you’re about to wear. This way, you avoid placing these items on the bed. Additionally, bedroom benches often provide extra storage while adding character and style to the room. Make sure to get the right bench size.


Finally, mirrors are another critical cog in any bedroom collection. A mirror adds the illusion of space, which can be critical if you have a small bedroom or if your large bedroom suddenly feels full. It also maximizes lighting and increases the room’s appeal. Above all, mirrors offer a quick way to hide imperfections in the room.

Choosing one shouldn’t be a big deal. Begin by identifying where you want to hang or install your mirrors. Then choose the perfect mirror styles, keeping in mind that you’re allowed to play around with shapes.


Other furniture pieces that form part of a modern bedroom collection include vanities, display units, and entertainment stands. It all comes down to how much space you have and personal preferences.

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