Versatile Upholstered Headboards

An upholstered bed with a red and white comforter.

Upholstered headboards are a great way to add character, charm and luxury to your bedroom.  With so many designs and fabric choices available, you can create a custom upholstered headboard that fits your personal design style.

A bedroom with a bed and dresser featuring upholstered headboards.          A bedroom with a white bed and upholstered headboards.

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For a contemporary design, a simple square upholstered headboard looks stylish and adds texture and softness to the bedroom.  A traditional rounded headboard with tufting or nailhead trim adds sophisticated character.

A bed with an upholstered headboard.

Headboard from Savannah Collections

A white bed with an upholstered headboard.          A bedroom with a large upholstered bed and a mirror.

Left photo courtesy of The French Bedroom Company

Consider luxury fabrics such as leather, velvet and silk to enhance a traditional, romantic or elegant style master bedroom.  A masculine bedroom with a tufted leather headboard is rich and warm.  For a more feminine touch, go with velvet and silk.

A white bed with an upholstered headboard topped with a purple comforter.          A bedroom with an upholstered headboard.

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A bed with an upholstered headboard and purple pillows.

Design your own unique headboard shape.  Upholstered headboards don’t have to be square.  They can be rounded, curved, symmetric, asymmetric or any other shape you want.  Pad and upholster the entire wall behind the bed for a cozy, romantic retreat.

A bed with a black and white striped blanket.

When creating your own upholstered headboard, use different objects as the base for an interesting shape.  Consider a decorative folding screen.  Upholster the individual panels of the screen and trim them with cord, braided gimp or wood framing.

A bed with an upholstered headboard and a tray of food on it.            A bed with a red and white comforter featuring upholstered headboards.

Headboard from The French Bedroom Company

Architectural salvage such as mantels, window panes and pediments can serve as unique frames for upholstered headboards.  Simple wood frames or mirror work well and provide a nice finish for a more modern take on the headboard.

A bed in a bedroom with an upholstered headboard.          An upholstered bed with a gray headboard and white pillows.

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A bed with an upholstered headboard in a room with an orange wall.          A bedroom with an upholstered bed.

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Upholstered headboards are chic, versatile and comfortable.  They can be purchased ready-made, custom or you can create your own.  Upholstered headboards look great in any style of interior, be it traditional, contemporary or modern.

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