Summer 2022 Interior Trends

Interior Trends: A blue and white living room and kitchen featuring the latest design styles.

If you’re planning to redecorate your home’s interior in the coming year, then it’s worth paying attention to a few big interior design trends for 2022. It’s likely that our choices will be informed, as they have been in recent years, by a continued shift toward working from home, as well as a range of other factors.


‘Sustainability’ has become a little bit of a buzzword. Put simply, it refers to any practice which can be kept in place forever without damaging the natural world. The use of materials which can be ethically and constantly replenished, like timber and fast-growing bamboo, might qualify as sustainable. 

Of course, if sustainability is to be put first and foremost, then our designs should seek to emphasise these materials and techniques, rather than disguise them. You might therefore expect to see plenty of exposed timber and hemp.


Prominent plant life might also be a feature of new interiors for the coming year. Installing houseplants has been proven to bolster your mood, and to fend off mental health concerns. Making them front and centre of your design, rather than an accent piece that’s added afterwards, can help make sure that your interior is green in more ways than one. You might even go for an indoor trelise, hanging plants from shelves and bookcases, and terrariums built into furniture.

A trendy living room with plants and a couch.

Blue & Purple

This season, blue and purple look set to be the colours of choice. Blue is naturally a great match for bathrooms, meaning that there’s no shortage of moisture-resistant bathroom paint. Match it with a set of neutral tiles and you’ve got a look that’s timeless and classic. If you’re decorating a living room or bedroom, then purple might be the better choice – pick out a statement piece of purple furniture.

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An interior trend featuring a blue tiled bathroom with a white tub.

Antiques and Thrifting

In keeping with the trend toward green and environmentally-friendly, we have this focus on antiques. Picking up an antique means that you aren’t responsible for the creation of a new piece of furniture, and all of the environmental costs associated with manufacturing one. Upcycling has similar benefits, and will allow you to breathe new life into old items. If you’ve got woodworking skills to draw upon, then you can put them to good use. 

The Seventies

Just about everything associated with the 70s is back in style again – including geometric prints, curved furniture, and lava lamps. If you’re a fan of headboards and large armchairs, then swapping them for a scalloped version might help you to capture the vibe. Sepia and two-tone colour schemes work best for the walls – but you’ll need to make sure that the entire room is united around a distinct theme. 

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