First Impressions – Inspiring Ideas for the Foyer

Foyer with stairway and chair.

Photo above courtesy of HGTV.  Loretta Willis, designer

You have heard it said time and again.  First impressions matter.  When guests step into your home you want them to feel welcome and comfortable.  When you come home from a long day, you want to feel that you are stepping into a sanctuary; a place where you can wind down, relax and enjoy.


Foyer design ideas featuring a Blue and White striped entryway with a bench.

The foyer is an important element of the home, for it is not only the first place people see when they come through the front door, but it is the space that sets the tone for the rest of your home.  Whether you have a large open foyer, a small narrow space or even no foyer at all, there are ways to make this space welcoming and stylish.

A mirror in a foyer.                         A foyer design idea featuring a table with two lamps and a mirror.

Photo on left designer Jean Louis Denoit; photo on right designer Atmosphere Interior Design

For small spaces, you can make bold color choices and enhance the area with decorative lighting.  A stylish chandelier or sconces surrounding a mirror will give your foyer a warm and welcoming feel.  Mirrors can provide instant appeal and will visually expand the space.  Hang a collection of them, rest a large one against the wall or above a console table or use mirror tiles on the walls.

A wicker basket as foyer wall decor.

If your foyer is the hub of the home where family members leave their coats, shoes, keys and backpacks, there are some great organizational pieces available on the market or you can assemble a collection of baskets, bins and hooks to keep everything tidy.

Foyer design ideas for a room with a wooden table and chairs.

Photo courtesy of BHG

For homes where the front door opens directly into the living room, create a divider by installing a decorative screen and placing a group of pots, vases or objects on the floor beside it.  For very narrow spaces, hang framed photos or artwork to add a personal touch.

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Foyer design with a round window and a gray couch.

When decorating your foyer, keep in mind how it flows with the rest of your home.  There should be a smooth transition of color and theme.  Create a first impression that welcomes visitors and makes you feel truly home.


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