Let Nature Inspire Your Home Decorating

A living room with nature-inspired decorating featuring beige couches and a wicker coffee table.

Fresh.  Light.  Natural.  If these words describe the look and feel of the home you want, there is a place where you can get the inspiration needed to begin the process of turning your home into a space that is fresh, light and natural.  Simply look outside.

A nature-inspired living room with green walls and wicker baskets.

Nature abounds with the materials, colors and textures you can bring into your home to make it an extension of the outdoors.  To start, consider the colors of nature.  Blues, greens and browns are everywhere, with splashes of bright colors from flowers.  Sunsets and sunrises conjure beautiful oranges, pinks and purples that can only be found in nature.A nature-inspired upholstered chair.               A nature-inspired ottoman with ferns.

Chair and ottoman photos courtesy of Country Living.  Chair by Williams-Sonoma.

Imagine nature’s colors on your walls and enhance that with fabrics of  botanical prints on upholstery, window coverings and decorative accessories.  Hang botanical and nature prints or enhance wood mirror frames with seashells for a touch of whimsy.

A nature-inspired wooden console with a lamp and a vase.

Note the variety of textures that exist in nature.  How can you incorporate this into your interior?  You can use natural fibers such as a sisal rug or show off the natural grain of bare wood floors and furniture.  Rattan furniture is a direct nod to the outdoors and a classic casual look for indoors.

A nature-inspired living room with wicker furniture and a fireplace.

Photo courtesy of Southern Living

Bring outdoor elements inside.  Display pieces of driftwood, rocks and seashells in the living room, arrange colorful fruit and vegetables in pretty containers and bowls for the kitchen and dining room.  Gather uniquely shaped branches and place them in decorative vases or add them to floral arrangements.  Collections of rocks, seashells or pine cones can be displayed in groups and used as accents on bookshelves and tabletops.

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Two nature-inspired candle holders on a shelf with ferns and rocks.             A nature-inspired candle is in a glass jar.

A nature-inspired pink flowering tree in rain boots.                           A round table adorned with a nature-inspired vase of flowers.

Photo on right courtesy of Michael’s.  Floral design by Holly McCullough

Even lampshades can be changed to further enhance your natural home.  Bamboo and banana fiber shades are great choices to add warmth and texture.

A beige shade glass lamp perfect for nature-inspired decorating.            Two nature-inspired wicker table lamps on a table.

Left photo courtesy of Pottery Barn.  Right photo courtesy of Ballard Designs.

Bringing the outdoors in is just a matter of looking to nature for inspiration.  Let the materials, colors and textures of nature guide you to an indoor oasis that is an extension of the outdoors.




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