Using Latticework Indoors for a Garden-Fresh Look

An ornate living room featuring a latticework ceiling.

Latticework began in the garden as a structure from which to hang vines.  It accented conservatories and patios.  Designers are now incorporating latticework into home interiors for a fresh garden vibe.  In addition to the wood variety, the lattice pattern is showing up on wallpapers, fabrics and painted murals.  See how latticework indoors can add character and dimension to your rooms.

A living room with green and white latticework-patterned wallpaper.
Garden-fresh latticework (skroutzondeck)
A dog is lounging on a couch in a living room with latticework.
Lattice panels add architectural interest (ciaointeriors)
A room with latticework chairs.
Beautiful latticework (lloychristie)
A hallway with green wallpaper and a white bench adorned with latticework.
Latticework adorns interior walls (House Beautiful)

Whole rooms can be covered from floor to ceiling in latticework for an interesting architectural enhancement to otherwise unadorned sheetrock.  Painting the wall the same color as the lattice brings dimension to the room.  Applying white lattice to a painted wall gives the room a crisp, fresh look.

A dining room with green walls and latticework.
Lattice covered walls (eyefordesignlfd.blogspot)
A living room with green walls and a zebra print rug featuring latticework furniture.
A monochromatic look with latticework and paint (Architectural Digest)
A green couch with latticework in a living room.
Green lattice over white is fresh (thisisglamorous via Pinterest)
An ornately decorated living room with latticework.
Latticework adds dimension to this room (eyefordesignlfd.BlogSpot)

Latticework can be used as wainscoting if you prefer not to cover an entire wall.  This simple wall treatment can elevate a room and give it just the right touch of architectural interest.  Painted white, lattice wainscoting charms in areas such as kitchen nooks, entryways and sunrooms.

A dining room with blue walls and a green rug featuring latticework.
Lattice wainscoting adds interest (BHG)
A table with two latticework lamps and a suitcase on it.
White lattice as wainscoting (midtowngirl)

Fabrics and wallpapers with the lattice motif are largely popular and blend well with fresh colors.  Lattice patterns and scales are varied, making it easily adaptable to any decorating project.  Against white-painted furniture, lattice patterned fabric is fresh and light.  Any room in the home benefits from the visual lift a lattice patterned wallpaper provides.

A basket filled with a variety of colorful fabrics.
A pretty selection of lattice fabrics (Pinterest)
A green and white chair with flowers in a vase and latticework accents.
Lattice pattern fabric brings fresh look to furniture (heartfireathome.blogspot)
A bed with a blue and white latticework floral headboard.
Lattice patterned wallpaper and fabrics enhance this bedroom (estateofdesign.wordpress)
A green and white latticework patterned wallpaper in a room.
Pretty lattice wallpaper (eyefordesignlfd.blogspot)
A green and white bedroom with a latticework mirror.
Latticework enhances this green and white bedroom (brunchatsaks.blogspot)

Using latticework in your home brings a fresh, garden-inspired look and adds architectural interest.  Whether applying wood lattice to your walls, upholstering furniture in lattice motif fabric or installing wallpaper with this popular geometric design, your rooms will be enhanced with dimension and style.




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